The Convenience Of Looking For Used Cars Through Mobil88 App

Before the era of smartphones, buying a used car meant that we had to go to a used car dealership. Now, only with smartphone in hand, potential buyer can find their dream car in a more practical way.

Used cars of various brands and production years can be found within seconds. The price is also displayed clearly, making it easier for customers, including those who are buying used car for the first time.

One of the used car dealerships that provide an online platform is mobil88. Two months ago, mobil88 launched the app that is claimed to help customers save their time. “No need to go to a showroom or a dealership,” mobil88 President Director Halomoan Fischer said ( May 9, 2019).

Through its e-store, mobil88 allows customers to directly buy a car online. If previously customers had to go to a showroom, now through the new website and app, customers can do their transactions online.

“Now it’s more convenient to see the pictures in our e-store, because they are all in the same standards. If the pictures are bad, people will surely get confused: Is this car actually in a good condition or not?” Fischer explained.

mobil88 app presents a new experience in choosing and buying used cars. It’s because customers can also enjoy a 360-degree view feature. It means they can check the condition of the car interior using VR (Virtual Reality) technology, which makes customers feel as if they’re really in the cabin.

Furthermore, there’s also a feature called “request booking online” for cars, car test drive, and direct purchase transaction. Various payment options are also available, from full payment, installments, to booking fee payment.

Other features that will help potential buyer in getting their dream car is creditworthiness calculator, which can simulate loan and find out creditworthiness. Other features such as car comparison feature, save favorite feature, and comprehensive photos of cars showing the exterior, the interior, and the engine complete customers’ experience even more.

Fischer said that mobil88 app is also meant to exceed people’s expectation that digital platforms are only used for looking at displays. “We are certain that what we are giving here will change consumer behavior in buying used cars. It is our expectation that customers will find it easier and satisfying to wrap up deals with mobil88,” he said.

Even though it’s easy, there are still things that people who are going to buy used cars need to pay attention to. For instance, they need to do some research in making their choice. “Consider a lot of things, from the budget you have, the number of your family members, and other factors,” as cited from (December 8, 2018).

It is also advisable to learn more about the car you want by visiting the showroom and asking directly to the seller. Some things that potential buyer needs to know is the payment options and the time it will take for the car to be delivered to the buyer.

When the car is in front of your eyes, do not hesitate to check the condition of the car based on what the seller has told you. Better still, conduct a test drive to know more about the real condition of the car engine.

Do not forget to bring along one or two friends who understand cars. One or two opinions are more valuable than none. 

mobil88, a used car dealership under PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA), maximizes both of its platforms. As it develops its digital platform, mobil88 still allows potential buyers to check the condition of the car they want by visiting its showroom directly. With more than 20 branches in Indonesian big cities, mobil88 sells high-quality used cars of various brands and types.

As a showroom with more than 30 years of experience, mobil88 dares to offer buyback guarantee that the car has not been involved in an accident or a flood. The chassis and engine numbers are also guaranteed to match the numbers stated in vehicle registration document (STNK) and vehicle ownership document (BPKB). The odometer has not been wound back either.

So, what are you waiting for? Find your dream car securely and comfortably at mobil88 e-store. Download the app from App Store or Play Store for the best experience in searching for high-quality used cars.