Trend of Used Car Sales in E-Commerce

Technological development makes everything easier. Used car sales is not an exception. People now no longer have to visit showroom to see and choose the cars they want; they can just sit in their homes and use their internet data. Various choices of used cars can be seen in apps.

Many benefits are offered when we purchase car online. First, we do not need to spend time filling in information because we can do it online. Moreover, we do not need to bother negotiating directly which will spend much time because we can do it online.

However, when buying a used car on e-commerce platforms, we must also pay attention to safety. Before choosing the type of car, we need to find the right platform first. Finding a secure online site of used car sales is very important because the transactions will be carried out via that site.

First, look for a website that has been established for a long time and has good reputation of service. After filtering a few online sites, we can narrow down to two options. Second, compare the prices of car on the two sites. This way, we can buy a car with the best price.

Third, visit the dealership. This visit aims to check the physical condition of the car. Fourth, check the legality of the documents. Make sure that the data on the document match the car’s physical condition.

Fifth, with or without experience in buying a car online, we must make sure than we choose carefully. Extra thoroughness is needed to prevent being cheated by fake websites.

Fraud can be avoided if we choose trusted dealerships like mobil88 under PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA). With more than 20 showrooms in Indonesian large cities, mobil88 sells various brands and types of high-quality used cars through offline and online channels.

Through mobil88 e-store app, customers can buy trusted used cars online. mobil88 President Director Halomoan Fischer said that this app can help customers to save time.

"Now, seeing the display on our e-store is more comfortable, because the standard of the photo is the same. If the photo is in poor quality, people will get confused. Is the car actually good or not?" Fischer said (, May 9, 2019).

Furthermore, there are online booking feature, test-drive request, and direct transaction. There are also a variety of payment options, from full payment, loan, or merely booking fee payment.

Other features that will help potential buyer in getting their dream car is creditworthiness calculator, which can simulate loan and find out creditworthiness, car comparison feature, save favorite feature, and comprehensive photos of cars showing the exterior, the interior, and the engine.

Visit to find you dream used car or mobil88 e-store app available on Play Store and App Store.