Looking for Ideal Used Cars for Women

In this modern era, inequality between men and women has become lesser and lesser. This also happens in Indonesia; as a country that very much respects women’s emancipation, women have become more independent. More women, for instance, prefer driving by themselves now, as their mobility increases.

To fulfill the need for a car, there’s nothing wrong with buying a used car for its affordable price. However, the following points need to be considered when looking for a car for a woman.

First, used cars that suit women are those with big storage space, because women usually carry around more stuffs.

Second, ensure the safety of the driver. Make sure that the car you are going to buy has responsive air bags. For a woman looking for a used car, try to find one with parking sensor.

With the great number of carmakers today, there are more various models and types to choose from, from city cars, MPVs, to LCGCs.

Third, comfort. Women often prioritize agile and practical handling. Hence, a car with automatic transmission will make a good choice, especially in a big city with regular traffic congestion.

Fourth, the car’s age. It’s called used car for a reason: it has been used for some time. This must be considered when looking for a car, because the older a car is, the more maintenance it needs. Don’t forget to take into consideration the “disorders” that may come with old age.

Fifth, when you want to buy a car, it’s better to have basic knowledge about cars, including about engine and electrical system. Women are also recommended to go to a credible car dealership.

Sixth, make sure that the dealership you choose has good credibility. You can ask for recommendation from friends or read reviews on online media. You can also choose a showroom that provides easy access to check the available cars, either through an official website or an app.

Those facilities are already provided by mobil88, the showroom established in 1988 that facilitates the selling, buying, and trading in of used cars. Two months ago, mobil88 has officially launched mobil88 e-store.

Through mobil88 e-store, customers, including women, can buy a used car in a reliable manner online. It’s because mobil88 e-store displays car availability in real time with the real condition of the unit’s interior through 360° image.

In mobil88, the warranty book is a proof and a requirement for the validity of used car warranty. Every customer who buys a used car, either in cash or in installment, will get a warranty book. The book is issued by the branch where the purchase is made and handed over when the car is delivered to the buyer.

At least five aspects are guaranteed for a used car. First of all, the documents are guaranteed to be authentic and have no legal problems. Moreover, the car has never been involved in a crash that changed the frame structure. Third, the car is guaranteed to have never been submerged in a flood.

Fourth, the frame number and the engine number are the same with those stated in the car registration document (STNK) and the car ownership document (BPKB). Lastly, the odometer has never been tampered with. If any of the five requirements is not met, don’t worry! The customer can claim for buyback guarantee. This facility is a proof that the quality of the cars sold by mobil88 is guaranteed.