Find High-Quality Used Cars Easily through Auction

Many ways can be taken when you want to buy a used car, from visiting various car dealerships, looking at ads listed in print media, or checking out e-commerce sites. You can also ask your acquaintances or close relatives. However, another alternative worth trying is auction.

Many benefits can be gained when you buy used cars through auction. As cited from, Thursday (July 16, 2019), one of them is the variety of options. Compared to used car dealership, you will find more options of cars of different types, conditions, and year of production in auction.

Moreover, auction also offers prices that are relatively more affordable. According to IBID-Balai Lelang Serasi President Director Daddy Doxa Manurung, the prices offered in auction are relatively lower than market prices. “So, your budget will be more flexible,” he said.

Looking for the used car you want in auction is also not as difficult as expected. You can look at the cars that will be auctioned with your own eyes during open house.Generally, this activity is held one or two days before the auction. If you do not really understand cars, you can bring your relatives or anyone who can help you assess the condition of the cars.

The first step that you must take is making a choice. If you have found the car with a condition that suits your needs, you can register and buy an Auction Participant Number (NPL) to join the auction at the determined time. The prices are Rp1 million for motorcycle NPL and Rp5 million for car NPL.

On the determined day and time, you can start “competing” to get the car you want. If you lose the auction, you do not need to worry as the NPL money will be returned to you.

If you are interested in buying a used car through auction just recently, you may find it difficult to follow the whole process, especially if you are busy. This is because you have to dedicate some time to register, check the car’s condition, and participate in the auction.

However, has presented a solution to those problems through a new website and application. “Now everything can be done online in IBID, from registering, buying NPL, and participating in the auction through the Live Auction feature,” Doxa said.

Looking for cars online will be easier and more practical through features such as filter, sort, and compare. Condition, specifications, and document availability are stated clearly and completely. This allows you to survey the car you want without having to go to the auction house.

Another interesting feature is Market Auction Price (MAP) or maximum bid. This feature is useful for you who are still unfamiliar with maximum bid. Assessment of the car’s condition also uses Astra Car Valuation system, one of the best existing assessment parameters.

Participating in an auction will get easier with Live Auction feature. You can bid in real time when the auction is ongoing through IBID ’s website or application wherever you are. “The Live Auction feature also allows customers to participate in auctions in four cities at the same time,” Doxa said.

Making a bid is also more practical with auto-bid feature. This feature helps you to make a bid automatically, according to the maximum bid that you have set. Innovation that IBID has presented to the auction world will help you find a high-quality used car with a more affordable price.

Established in 2007, IBID is a subsidiary of PT Serasi Auto Raya (SERA) under Astra Group. Anyone can participate in auction, either companies or individuals, to buy either in bulk or in units.

IBID routinely holds auctions every week, and as of now, has held auctions in more than 30 cities in Indonesia.