Social Media Content Helps Popularizing Auction Houses

In this digital era, social media are already part of people’s daily lives. They have gained more functions than before. Not only can they be used as a means of communication, social media can also be used as an educational tool. For example, they can be used to introduce auction, whether it’s of gold, vehicles, or other goods.

Not only social media such as Instagram and Facebook, nowadays YouTube is also often used to promote vehicle auction. Many influencers also try to take part in an auction, so that the viewers can understand more about the auction process. This is especially true for auction of vehicles, which has been gaining popularity.

For example, Ridwan Hanif Rahmadi explained how to join an auction, from registration to testing the performance of the targeted vehicle. Ridwan summarized it in a vlog that described stage by stage the process to join an auction.

Meanwhile, Rio Kuswanto proved that we can find inexpensive vehicle with guaranteed quality in auction. He showed his success through a vlog. He said in his account that he managed to get a used car for Rp9 million.

The positive promotional content from influencers goes hand in hand with the penetration of the services of auction houses nowadays. One of the ways is through online auction.

However, taking part in an online auction needs extra caution. That was why IBID Balai Lelang Serasi President Director Doxa Manurung said that the main tip for joining an online auction safely is by making sure that the website you visit is the official site of the auction house.

Moreover, Doxa added that we should not easily trust social media accounts, for instance, Instagram accounts that say they represent auction houses. “Make sure that the accounts are truly owned by the auction houses,” he said (, March 19, 2019).

The second tip he gave is not to have a high expectation of getting things at very cheap prices or very far from the market prices in an auction. Doxa said that it is impossible. Even though the prices at online auction will be cheaper, the range is only 5%-10% lower than the market prices.

Another important thing is not to get tempted to transfer money to parties who claim that they can definitely win the bidding in an auction. In an authorized auction, there’s no such thing as sure victory. “It must be fake,” Doxa said.

iDEA General Policy Head Even Alex Chandra said that online auction has quite a big potential in Indonesia. Globally, there’s even a 7.2% increase in online auction from 2018-2020.

“So, the potential is big. It is time that the House of Representatives pass the Auction Bill so that it can be considered part of e-commerce,” Alex told on Tuesday (March 19, 2019).

Alex said that there are still many challenges that online auctions face. For instance, they need to assure buyers that the auctioned goods match the specifications given and that the auction is not a scam, as well as to confirm the credibility of auctioneers.

Other than through social media, auctions can also be held through an auction house’s official website. IBID, a subsidiary of Serasi Auto Raya under Astra Group, even offers a live auction facility. Wherever you are, you can still take part in an auction through a device at the same time as the bidders on location.

To join a live auction, the participants must first find the car they want and check the auction schedule. The information can be accessed easily, either through IBID’s website or app. Next, they can check the details of the vehicles on the website.

After that, they need to fill in their personal data and buy an auction participant number (NPL) online on IBID’s website. There are various payment options, from virtual account, credit card, to EDC machine at IBID’s counters.

Next, the participants must choose the auction to join according to the schedule. What’s even better is that live auction is held trans-city. This means that a participant can join the auction in more than one city, even up to four auctions simultaneously in different cities.

On D-Day, participants can bid in real time through the website, at the same time with the bidders who join the auction on location. If you win the auction, you must settle the payment five days after the auction at the very least. When it’s done, you can take your car and its documents. However, if you lose the auction, your NPL payment will be 100% refunded to the account number that you registered with, three days at the very least after the auction.

Established in 2007, IBID boasts credibility that cannot be doubted as the biggest auction house in Indonesia. So far, IBID has reached more than 30 cities in Indonesia. By the end of 2016, about 27,000 four-wheeled cars had been sold through more than 500 auctions every year.