Christmas and New Year Homebound Trip More Comfortable on Rented Car

For most people, long holiday is a moment that must be used to spend quality time with family and close relatives, for instance, by going on a homebound trip. This includes the upcoming Christmas and New Year holiday.

There are many ways to make the upcoming long holiday more comfortable. One of them is going back to your hometown by plane or train and then renting a car to drive around your hometown. This is because, according to the prediction of Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi, there will be high traffic on land during the long holiday season.

“The number of passengers is estimated to be highest on land because of the many new toll roads,” Budi said (, December 3, 2019).

Budi estimated that peak homebound traffic during the Christmas 2019/New Year 2020 holiday will occur from December 20-24, 2019, while the reverse traffic will peak from December 29-31, 2019.

Meanwhile, the number of homebound travelers using land, sea, and air transportation during Christmas 2019/New Year 2020 is predicted to surpass 16 million. More precisely, trains will take 5.9 million passengers, while 1.1 million passengers will travel by sea, 1.7 million passengers on land, 2.2 million passengers on ferries, and 5.2 million passengers by planes.

“Based on our evaluation, the number of passengers will increase to 16 million: 5.9 million on trains, 1.1 million by sea, 1.75 million on land, 2.2 million on ferries, and 5.2 million by planes,” Budi said (, December 2, 2019).

There are many benefits you can gain when you use a car rental service during a long holiday in your hometown. One of them is that you can focus more on having a good time with your parents and relatives when you have to move from one destination to another. It’s because you don’t have to think about what public transportation to take when you have to move between places.

You will gain more benefits when you rent the car along with a chauffeur. You and your family only need to sit snugly in the car until you arrive at your destination. You don’t need to be bothered by looking for the route or the nearest gas station, because the chauffeur will take care of all of that.

This way, your energy will not be wasted during your travel. You can even plan activities for the next day while you sit snugly at the back seat. This will help boost your spirit to spend the holiday with your loved ones.

Another benefit is that you won’t feel tired when you’re trapped in a traffic jam. By renting a car with a chauffeur, you and your family can just sit back and relax. Don’t let your holiday, which is meant to let you relax, make you feel stressed instead.

Moreover, you do not need to worry about car service before and after use. This is especially true when you rent a car from a professional car rental such as TRAC Astra Rent A Car. The various cars available are all guaranteed to have the best performance.

TRAC’s trusted chauffeur will pick you up and take you to your destinations, offering punctuality and hospitable, professional service. Two packages are on offer to suit your need, the 4-hour package and the 12-hour package.

The two options are available for daily rent from TRAC. First, you can rent a car without a chauffeur. With this option, you’re free to go anywhere and arrange your own trip. Your safety will still be guaranteed with the cars’ prime condition and travel insurance. You can choose a 12-hour or a 24-hour rental package with optional extra time or out-of-town trip according to your need.

TRAC, a business line of PT Serasi Auto Raya (SERA), a subsidiary of Astra Group, is a transport service provider that offers cars for rent to both companies (long term) and individuals (short term). TRAC offers various cars to suit various needs, including MPVs, SUVs, compact cars, and sedans. TRAC also offers various buses for rent.