Big Potentials of Same-Day Express Service

E-commerce has hugely impacted the logistics industry, especially same-day delivery service.

According to the Indonesian Association of Express, Post, and Logistics Couriers (Asperindo), the ever-increasing online shopping trend has heightened customers’ demands, especially for a service that ensures their packages arrive quickly in a good condition.

This, Asperindo Chair Mohammad Feriadi said, makes same-day delivery service even more attractive in terms of business potential.

“Of course they put great importance in the speed of delivery, since anyone who buys anything would love to receive the goods they have bought as soon as possible. It is the same thing with online shopping,” Feriadi said (, November 5, 2019).

According to the results of survey by Paxel Buy & Send Insights, speed of delivery is the main consideration of customers in choosing an express courier. 

Still according to the survey, the customers in choosing an express courier consider the speed of delivery (36%), cheaper delivery fees (29%), ease of delivery (26%), and package tracking (8%).

Considering the results, Feriadi said that attractive opportunities present themselves to the logistics industry. This is because, previously, customers didn’t mind much about speed of delivery. “However, it turns out that now most customers consider it an important issue when they shop online,” Feriadi said.

Currently, Feriadi said, same-day delivery service is carried out individually by the members of Asperindo. He hoped that in the future Asperindo members can develop a platform for express couriers to collaborate. The collaboration will expand the networks of each company.

Feriadi admitted that there are still challenges in developing same-day delivery service regarding infrastructure, which is an important key to the success of express delivery service.

In 2019, both logistics companies and e-commerce players were faced with the problem of delivering goods to customers’ hands quickly. A PwC research found that Indonesian customers want to receive the goods they have bought on the same day they made the transaction.

“72% respondents even said that they’re more interested in free delivery promo than other kinds of promo programs,” he said as quoted by (December 31, 2018).

The increasing trend of same-day service use was especially felt during the fasting month. Indonesian Logistics Association Chair Zaldy Ilham Masita said that during Ramadan, customers wanted their packages to arrive quickly, so the number of shipments increased sharply (, June 24, 2019).

As part of the industry, SELOG always catches up with current development. SELOG offers various end-to-end logistics services. SELOG itself is a subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA), a subsidiary of PT Astra International Tbk in infrastructure and logistics business.

One of the courier services that SELOG offers is same-day service, which is counted as a standard service.

Other standard services offered by SELOG are next-day service and regular service. Meanwhile, with solution services, you do not need to worry if you need special services such as VPD (valuable, perishable, dangerous goods) service for documents or oversized and overweight packages that cannot be shipped using ordinary cargo service.