Tips for Finding Used Cars that Are Safe to Use

Used cars with low mileage are among the favorites of customers. However, customers should be aware that there are irresponsible car sellers who roll back the odometer of the cars they sell. 

The head of mobil88 dealership in Buaran, East Jakarta, Adjie, gave some tips, so that you will become a victim of odometer fraud. One of the tips is to have the car checked by an authorized repair shop, but not all dealerships will allow it.

Usually, dealerships that will give permission are the big dealerships, because they have the device that authorized repair shops use, so that it is possible to check in detail. One of these dealerships is mobil88. “mobil88 can do it, but the inspection fee is borne by the customer,” Adjie said. (, November 17, 2019).

Another tip is to check the physical condition of the car, especially if the car has no service record in authorized repair shop. Inspection must be done from the interior to the exterior, to check whether they are congruous with the mileage or not.

As an example, Adji mentioned that the wheel must be checked whether its form and the mileage are congruous. In the interior, car seat foam, steering wheel paint, and headliner must be checked whether they have become tattered.

From the appearance of those components, potential buyer can check the congruity with the car’s mileage. “If it is claimed to be from recent years, the car seat foam should be still springy because it was not often sat on. Similarly, steering wheel paint should be checked if it is peeling off or not," Adjie said.

Buying used car with complete service record in authorized repair shop is the most effective way to minimalize the likelihood of tampered odometer. Potential buyer only needs to check the latest service record in the service book. Then, contact the repair shop to confirm that the record there matches the record in the book.

Unfortunately, many cars are not always serviced in authorized repair shop. Moreover, some also already lost the service book/record. “If the service book cannot be checked, then you must check the genuineness of mileage from the car’s physical condition,” as written by (September 26, 2018).

The best way is to ensure that the dealership you go to is authorized and trusted. You can ask for recommendations from friends or read reviews on online media. You can also choose a showroom that provides easy access to check car’s availability on official website or app.

The facilities are provided by mobil88, a showroom for selling, buying, and trade-in of used cars that was established in 1988. Two months ago, mobil88 officially launched mobil88 e-store app.

Through the app, customers can buy trusted used cars online. mobil88 app displays the availability of cars in real time and the real condition of the interior through 360o photos.

In mobil88, warranty booklet is the proof and requirement for the validity of used cars’ warranty. Every customer who buys a used car, either by cash or by installments, will get the warranty booklet. This warranty booklet is handed over when the car is sent to the buyer and released by the store branch.

Fourth, the chassis number and the engine number match the numbers stated in vehicle ownership document (BPKB) and vehicle registration document (STNK). Finally, the odometer has not been rolled back. If these five requirements are not fulfilled, do not worry! Customers will get buyback guarantee. This facility is a proof that the quality of cars in mobil88 is guaranteed.

Under PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA), a subsidiary of Astra Group, mobil88 is open to anyone who wants to buy high-quality used cars. As of now, 20 branches of mobil88 showroom are available in Indonesia’s large cities.