How to Handle Trick Questions in Job Interviews

When you first apply for a job, you certainly hope that you will be able to pass the interview session easily. You need to know that there are many tricky questions during this job interview. If you answer them incorrectly, your chances of getting accepted to work at the company will be lower.

But don't worry. These trick questions are just another way for the HRD team to dig deeper into you. So if you have prepared the interview session well, the interview process will surely go well.

If you are interested in knowing how to pass the interview, here are effective tips for answering these 10 trick questions during a job interview.

1. Describe Yourself

If this question arises, you should be careful. Because this question aims to find out your basic character. If you have a strong character, it will certainly attract the attention of the company, especially if your character is in line with the company's values. 

Choose 3 words that describe yourself. Adjust to the job position you applied for. Provide an appropriate character description and choose positive words. For example, honest, hardworking, enthusiastic, highly committed, easy to work with, good communicators, and so on. Make sure the characters mentioned are in accordance with your real character.

2. Information About the Company 

You have to know the place or company you are going to work for. So, usually this question about the company is asked to determine the level of introduction of prospective employees to the company's vision and mission. To answer this question, show that the company you are applying for has advantages that make you interested in joining them. Never compare with previous companies. 

3. Why Are You Interested to Join 

People will usually answer this kind of question with matters related to work environment and big salary. This is where you usually fall into the trap because the company is actually trying to seek your true motivation. Make sure that your answer is not about higher salary and your inconvenience in the previous company. Keep your answers positive, such as how the position you apply for aligns with your educational background. Make sure that your reason is more to a constructive motivation. 

4. Your Achievement in Career 

Every company wants the best candidates and usually wants to know your past achievements. To answer this question, describe well any work that has been completed in the previous company. Give examples of previous successes. Prove that you deserve to be accepted.

5. Your Future Plan 

This question aims to find out how long you want to join. The company does not want to end up hiring someone who will not stay long. To answer this question, break it down for a long term goal. Make sure that you include the company you are applying for as part of the plan. Answer wisely and think carefully. 

6. Knowing the Position You Apply For

It is very important to know the position you applied for as it is related to the task at the company in the future. Companies are definitely reluctant to hire people who do not understand anything about their duties. Therefore, make sure to find out beforehand about your responsibilities. Giving the right answer will make the company feel that you are the right person for this position.

7. Too Experienced 

Do not get fooled by this question. Usually this question is used to test your character; you may answer it in a conceited tone. Therefore, keep your answer wise. Stay low-profile and extend gratitude for the compliment. 

8. Reason of Not Continuing with Previous Company 

This is one of the most important questions. Your answer will give the company a look of your character and orientation. Avoid mentioning personal reasons, make sure your reasons are professional. Also, make sure it is not due to conflicts.

9. Opinion on Overtime Work 

This is a question to know about commitment. Make sure the answer you give is quite appropriate. Express a commitment to getting the job done as much as you can. If you have to work overtime, make sure that the overtime is still within the tolerance limits. 

10. Expected Salary

This question is indeed quite difficult to answer as the expected salary will be different for the same position, so determining the salary requires more thought. It is important to know in advance the salary standard at the company to which you are applying. Take into account factors such as experience and level of difficulty of the job. Explain your expectations, but make sure they are within company standards. 

Those are tips for handling 10 trick questions that are likely to come up during your job interview. Apart from anticipating these questions, the most important thing is to make sure that you are mentally prepared to start a new career at another company.

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