Easy Enough, Here’s How to Transfer the Title of Your Car

When buying a car, either new or used, one must do a title transfer. The purpose is to change the car ownership identities printed on the STNK (Vehicle Registration Certificate) and BPKB (Proof of Motor Vehicle Ownership). The title transfer of a new car will certainly be taken care of by the dealership. Meanwhile, the cost to do so would already be included in the purchase price of the car.

However, if you buy a used car, you must do the title transfer yourself as the buyer, because as a car owner you must own the two vehicle ownership identities. Of course, the vehicle tax must be paid every year by the one whose name is written as the owner on the STNK. If the title transfer hasn’t been carried out, then the renewal process of annual or 5-year STNK will be harder.

One of the conditions for renewing the STNK is to bring the original KTP (ID card) according to the name printed on the STNK and BPKB. If you haven't done a title transfer, you have to borrow the KTP of the previous car owner, who might or might not be willing to lend their KTP. 

In addition, the title transfer process can also help the previous car owner so they don't have to pay progressive taxes which are calculated based on the number of vehicles they own. Regulation regarding progressive tax is contained in Regional Regulation (Perda) Number 2 of 2015 Article 7 paragraph (1a) which states that if an address/name has more than one motorbike and car, then they will be subject to progressive tax.

Requirements of Title Transfer

The requirements that must be met when carrying out a title transfer are quite easy, you only need to bring the following documents. 

1. The original and copy of KTP of the new vehicle owner

2. The original and copy of STNK

3. The original and copy of BPKB

4. Vehicle purchase receipt signed by both seller and buyer on a Rp6,000 stamp duty

This vehicle purchase receipt is proof that you are the legal owner of the car. If all the requirements and documents above have been met, then the next step is to come to the Samsat (One-Stop Administration System) office with several documents that have been prepared.

How to Transfer Title of Car Ownership

1. Come to the Samsat Office with the required documents.

2. The next process is to carry out a physical check of the vehicle to see whether the engine chassis number matches what is written on the BPKB or not.

3. After the physical check of the vehicle, the next step is to fill in the form of title transfer from the registration counter.

4. Fill in all forms correctly, then submit them to the officer. After that, we will get a receipt stating that the files are being processed.

5. The next step is to wait according to the specified time.

6. After it is finished, the next step is to pay Motor Vehicle Tax (PKB) and the cost of title transfer.

7. Then you just have to wait until the title transfer process is complete, and later you will get the STNK with your name written on it.

8. Don't forget to check the name printed on the STNK to avoid typos.

Naturally, you need to pay some costs during the title transfer process. All costs related to title transfer will be borne by the new owner depending on the price of the car purchased. The costs of title transfer will differ according to the price of the car itself.