Buying Used Car via Online in mobil88 and Get an Engine Warranty as well as 100% of Booking Fee Back

Patience and accuracy are needed to buy a desired used car with the best condition. However, if you are looking for a used car at a trusted dealer like mobil88, you can be sure that you will get a used car of the highest quality, as mobil88 is the only used car dealer that provides engine warranty.

Warranty on the used car itself is very important. Buying a used car comes with the risk of experiencing some problems. Moreover, cars that are more than three years old usually have various problems that need attention, such as problems related to suspension, braking, and transmission.

You don't have to worry if the car you just bought has a problem, mobil88 will take care of it. With a warranty, you will feel safer while driving anywhere and anytime.

Engine Warranty up to 1,000 Km

mobil88 is the only one who is brave enough to provide engine warranty for used cars up to 1,000 km. This engine warranty guarantees the condition and quality of the vehicle,  including its components, such as engine components, transmission, electrical system, steering system, braking system, Air Conditioning (AC), wheel drive system, tires, as well as the exterior and interior.

The engine warranty at mobil88 applies to all units purchased both through the website and through the application. Purchase conducted with booking fee, full payment, and credit payment methods will receive a warranty for 30 days since the unit is sent or when the car is handed over to the consumer. 

If during that period your car is having problems, then you can take it to the mobil88 branch where the car was purchased. It will be checked by our staff at the branch. Easy isn't it? 

100% Refund

Aside from obtaining engine warranty, if you buy a used car online at the mobil88 e-store, you can also get a 100% refund for the money you spent to book the vehicle. This is an uncommon practice in other dealers. Usually, even if you have already made a down payment, if you end up canceling your purchase the money will be forfeited. 

That is not the case if you buy a used car online at the mobil88 e-store. The Booking Fee will be 100% refunded if you change your mind and want to cancel the purchase transaction. The only condition is that the cancellation must be done within 1x24 hours since you made the payment via the website and application. For more information, please read: “Now You Can Get Engine Warranty & Money Back Guarantee when You Buy Used Car in mobil88 e-store”.

With the warranty and booking fee refund facilities, you will feel safer and more comfortable in buying a car at mobil88. Used car consumers shouldn’t take an unnecessary risk by buying a car in a showroom where the origin of the cars is unclear. Consumers should choose a showroom that provides convenience. Moreover, mobil88 already has branches in 9 cities. Find out their addresses in the Contact Us menu at