At IBID, Aside from Participating in Used Car Auctions, You Can Also Sell Cars

Usually, people come to auction halls to find used cars at affordable prices. But it turns out that at the IBID auction, in addition to searching for used cars, you can also sell your old one. 

Usually, people who want to sell their car won’t sell it via auction halls.  Auction halls have a reputation for low-priced sale and purchase transactions. Hence, most people think that selling a car there would diminish its selling price. Actually, selling a car at an auction hall can be an alternative way to obtain a fair price. Ignorance is what makes people reluctant to sell cars via auction. 

In addition to helping you find the ideal used car, the IBID auction hall serves those of you who want to sell used cars quickly using the auction method. 

You just need to wait at home without having to bother offering it to people through the marketplace or to used car dealerships, as IBID will take care of everything for you. 

To date, many people think that you can only sell something at the auction halls at a low or under-market price. But make no mistake, you can also sell a used car at an auction hall at the market price. The reason is, if the car being sold is in good condition, has complete documents, and can be taken home immediately, then the price can be different and even higher as prospective buyers choose a readily available item.

In addition, the availability of vehicle documents such as Proof of Motor Vehicle Ownership (BPKB) can also increase the selling price of a used car. In fact, cars like that are sought after by used car dealers and will be resold outside the region at a higher price.

After operating for 13 years, IBID has thousands of customers spread across Indonesia. So, what benefits will you get if you take part in an auction or sell an item at IBID?

Market Auction Price

Market Auction Price or MAP is a service from IBID used to determine the basic market price for the used car that you put up at the auction. MAP contains car market price statistics in the form of graphics and details according to your needs. 

Currently, MAP has tens of thousands of auction car databases from all cities covered by IBID. The databases are always updated. You can use MAP as a reference price as this data can be found in the details of car information that you can see through the website or application. 

MAP is directly integrated into Astra Car Valuation (ACV), which serves as a reliable, systematic, and comprehensive car valuation standard. Thus, the price analysis and trends presented are more precise and accurate. You won’t feel lost anymore when determining the suitable base price for your used car.

Astra Car Valuation

Astra Car Valuation or ACV is a standardized inspection provided by Astra. It is conducted to check all details of the vehicle that will be auctioned using a scientifically standardized inspection system used directly by experts. 

You will receive an accurate, transparent, and detailed inspection report, which you can utilize to understand the overall condition of your used car. The inspection report will also be uploaded to the vehicle information page, both on the website or the IBID application if you proceed to put your car up on the auction.

Easy Auction Procedure

First of all, you must be registered as an IBID member by registering using either email or social media authorization. Then, make sure that all your data is completely filled out in the account settings.

After that, click the 'Titip Lelang' tab on the IBID website or app. Fill out the form about the description and equipment of your used car in a detailed manner. Next, choose a vehicle inspection schedule at the IBID pool closest to your current location.

Then, according to the schedule that you have set, the car’s condition will be examined directly by our experts. That way, you can find out the condition of the vehicle and get an idea of the basic price of your car that will be used at the IBID auction. Don't forget to bring along any supporting documents. You don't have to wait for long because the examination only takes approximately 45 minutes. With the MAP and ACV systems, find out the current conditions and competitive prices for your vehicle. 

After an agreement has been made, the car will be included in the nearest auction schedule. Thus, you no longer need to bring your vehicle home. Simple, isn't it? You can check the complete procedure for selling at the auction here.