The Benefits of Renting A Car Instead Of Buying One for Companies

Most companies in Indonesia need vehicles as assets to support their operational activities. Cars can become vital assets in performing the companies’ activities.

In addition, owning cars can also add to the prestige of a company. For a company, having its own cars may indirectly make them look more bona fide.

However, to have a fleet of cars of their own, instead of buying them, companies can also resort to renting.  In fact, renting a car is more beneficial to a company rather than buying one. Would you like to find out the benefits of renting a car for a company? Go ahead and read more below.

Renting a Car Can Decrease a Company’s Expenses

By renting a car, you can decrease your company’s expenses. The cost to buy a car is much higher than the cost of renting one.

In addition to the rather hefty initial sum of buying a car, you also need to cover the monthly service fee, car tax, insurance, and other costs.  When renting a car, you only need to pay the rental fee that has been agreed upon. Other costs will be borne by the rental company.

The Car Will Always Be In A Good Condition

Car rental companies will always try to maintain the quality of their vehicles before renting them to the lessee. They will check whether the vehicles are suitable for use or not. In addition, vehicles-for-rent usually consist of the latest series and types of vehicles, which ensures the quality of the rented vehicles. In the event of car damage or breakdown, the car rental companies would usually handle them directly.

No Need to Recruit a Driver

Usually, car rental companies will provide a driver to go along with the rented car. As such, you don’t need to recruit your own driver. In addition to being more cost-friendly, this approach is also more practical as the fee for the driver is usually bundled together with the rental fee of the car itself.

The Ability to Freely Choose a Car

You can choose from a wide range of rented cars according to your needs. A big car rental company like TRAC offers lots of options in regards to the cars that can be rented by companies.

Those are some reasons why renting a car is more beneficial compared to buying one for companies. After reading this, surely you are set to rent a car for your company’s operational activities, right?

Make sure to choose a big and trusted car rental company to get the best benefits as mentioned above. TRAC, the largest and most trusted car rental company in Indonesia, can definitely meet your car rental need for your operational purposes.