TRAC Implements Clinical Standard for Car Rental Service

Amid this pandemic, it cannot be denied that some of us still have to go to the office in order to maintain the economic cycle during this hard time. To stay safe from the virus while maintaining mobility, renting a car could be the right choice.

It is more logical than having to jostle with other people when using public transportation. A lot of people do not realize the danger of the virus when they use public transportation. 

But make sure to not pick a random car rental service, rent a car at TRAC instead! During this new normal period, TRAC implements a clinical standard for our car and bus rental services in order to prioritize your safety and comfort during the trip.

As a form of TRAC’s responsibility and commitment to minimize the risk of Covid-19 transmission, TRAC implements several additional health screening procedures to anticipate the spread of Covid-19. 

Here are several measures taken by TRAC in providing a car rental service:

1. Cars are always washed and cleaned with disinfectant, before and after use

2. On-duty drivers have gone through health screening that covers body temperature check and physical health examination

3. Drivers use masks and gloves to minimize physical contact with passengers, including while carrying their luggage.

4. Providing hand sanitizer in each vehicle unit

5. Adhering to physical distancing regulation, namely a car can only carry one driver and three passengers. Meanwhile, a medium-sized vehicle can carry one driver and eight passengers. A bus can carry one driver and 13-27 passengers, depending on its size.

Those of you who have just arrived from an overseas trip must follow the health procedure that has been stipulated. TRAC will provide a health declaration form that you must fill in as a confirmation of your health condition.

Furthermore, TRAC owns more than 35,000 vehicles that you can choose as needed. There are many kinds of vehicles, such as SUV, MOV, box truck, 4x4 vehicle, blind van, employee bus, school bus, big bus, and motorcycle. TRAC also employs more than 9,500 professional drivers. These drivers are not only able to drive well, but they also have knowledge regarding driving safety and security.

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To book TRAC’s car rental service, you just need to contact the Customer Assistance Center at 1500 009