These Cars Only Cost Around Rp50 Million, Check It Out Here!

At an auction center, you can get a car worth Rp 50 million

There are not many options if you want to buy a car at around Rp50 million. But you can look for a used car in an auction house, as that is the only place where you can find a cheap car.

Usually, by participating in an auction, you can get a car under the market selling price in a really good condition. Now there are cars that only cost Rp50 million in IBID’s auction hall

You can see for yourself on IBID’s Youtube channel, as there are several cars that cost around Rp50 million there. For example, there is a 2003 Toyota Kijang that is being auctioned at a base price of Rp39 million. 

You can also search for a commercial car to be used as a goods transport car at IBID. Currently, a 2016 Daihatsu Gran Max Blind Van is available at a base price of Rp50 million. Cars auctioned at IBID have been inspected by Astra Car Valuation, meaning that you can see the actual condition of the cars. 

Balai Lelang Serasi (IBID) has been established since 2007 and it is a subsidiary of Astra Group via PT Serasi Autoraya. As the years go by, IBID keeps innovating to facilitate the customers when they participate in an auction. One of the innovations carried out by IBID is the update of its website’s display, which will further facilitate the customers.

This user-friendly update makes it easier for the community to join an auction. The new display of IBID’s website is made to be used as comfortable as possible by its users. Several things that were changed are :

1. Vehicle search bar

Finding the desired car in an auction becomes easier for you with the addition of a new feature on the vehicle search section. With this feature, you can directly search for an auction object based on its type, price, auction schedule, and even types of auction.

2. A clearer information about types of auction 

As there are 2 auction methods used at IBID, with the new website display, you can easily see whether an auction object is auctioned using Live Auction or Timed Auction method.

3. Trending unit 

If you get confused while searching for an auction object, the “Trending” feature of the website can help you determine which auction object you want to follow.

4. IBID Stories 

Here you can see videos of the auction procedure, tips, and even reviews of auction objects. That way, the information can be understood more easily.

5. Promo Banner

This Promo Banner will be present on certain auction objects, and with this sign, you can obtain an auctioned object at a cheaper price.

When joining an auction at IBID, you don’t need to worry about vehicle condition as every car auctioned at IBID has been examined by Astra Car Valuation (ACV), which is a scientific vehicle inspection system conducted by experts.

Therefore, the results of the examination are more accurate. In addition, reports of the results of vehicle inspection can be seen on the vehicle detail page at IBID’s website and application. 

So join an auction at IBID’s new website right now! Visit