Exciting Activities on TRAC Bus to Entertain Yourselves during the Pandemic

Looking for exciting activities with family or colleagues during this pandemic is certainly quite confusing. But there is one alternative that you can choose, namely by using the TRAC Bus. 

Compared to having to use a private vehicle for activities with the extended family, it will be more enjoyable and exciting to use one big bus so that the atmosphere can become more chummy. Of course, you can comfortably go on an out-of-town trip with a TRAC bus, especially if you choose TRAC’s Luxury Bus which has super luxurious facilities like a business-class airplane. The Luxury bus offers various facilities that cannot be found in a regular tour bus. There are massage chairs, WiFi, LCD TV equipped with microphone and karaoke service, meeting room, kitchen, and other interesting facilities.

Your trip with the family on TRAC’s Luxury Bus will certainly be more fun. You won’t get bored during the trip. What types of activities can be done on TRAC’s Luxury Bus? 

Family vacation

With a quite large capacity and complete facilities, if you want to go on a vacation together, either with your family or with your colleagues, then renting TRAC’s Luxury bus is the right choice. 

Meeting with business colleagues

Aside from going on a holiday, with the luxurious facilities on this bus you can also conduct meetings at tourist attractions or other places. This is to get rid of boredom and increase your and your business colleagues’ creativity.

School or campus events

Buses are usually used for study tours by students and college students along with their teachers or lecturers. Renting a bus can be a fun alternative to foster familiarity between students and teachers 

Luxurious and Comfortable Facilities

Inside the passengers’ cabin, the seats are luxurious and comfortable. The seat is covered with leather and the legroom is spacious. Furthermore, some seats can be used as massage chairs. Each passenger seat is even equipped with a TV, just like if you were boarding Garuda Indonesia’s plane. Last but not least, there is a folding table on the seat that you can use for eating or working with your laptop. 

In the middle room of this extra-luxurious bus, there is a clean kitchen that can be used to make food or beverages. In front of the kitchen table, you can find several shelves to store items. It turns out that under the shelves there is a bathroom located next to the exit.

On the back of the bus, there are passenger seats that are even more luxurious than the front seats. Yes, some seats can give you a massage in the back of the bus. Furthermore, there is a special karaoke room as well at the back. Just like the usual karaoke room, there are several sofas arranged in half a circle with a quite large TV facing them. You can freely sing with your family during the trip. 

The design of the cabin of TRAC’s Luxury bus is very elegant, and it is dominated by elements of wood as well as a mirror in the roof for you to use. In the backroom, passengers can even adjust the ambient light to the one that fits their mood. 

In the current pandemic era, the cleanliness of all TRAC’s vehicles is guaranteed. The following are the steps conducted by TRAC in responding to the pandemic to prevent the spread of Covid-10:

1. Cars are always washed and cleaned with disinfectant, before and after use

2. On-duty drivers have gone through health screening that covers body temperature check and physical health examination

3. Drivers use masks and gloves to minimize physical contact with passengers, including while carrying their luggage.

4. Providing hand sanitizer in each vehicle unit

5. Adhering to physical distancing regulation, namely a car can only carry one driver and three passengers. Meanwhile, a medium-sized vehicle can carry one driver and eight passengers. A bus can carry one driver and 13-27 passengers, depending on its size.

Go ahead and use TRAC’s car and bus rental services. It’s really easy to do, you can order car or bus rental services by contacting the Customer Assistance Center at 1500 009 or through the TRAC To Go application from your smartphone.