Beware of Flood-Damaged Cars, Make Sure You Buy Used Cars at a Trusted Dealership

The recent flooding in several regions of Indonesia will likely cause the flood of flood-damaged cars sold to used car dealers.  So if you’re planning on buying used cars in the near future, you should be extra careful.

If you plan on buying used cars, surely it’s more challenging to look for ones that are not affected by flooding. That is why you should always shop for used cars at a trusted dealership, like mobil88.

Don’t be fooled by the super-bargain price when shopping for used cars. That’s usually an indicator for used cars that had been flooded. The owners wanted to sell them quickly, so they put them at a low price.  These cars often look fine to the untrained eye. But if you’re vigilant, you can avoid buying flood-damaged cars. 

Sooner or later flood-damaged cars will run into some problems, whether it is short-circuit or otherwise, despite them having been repaired. So buying a used car that had been flooded will have some risks. Affordable price, but it’ll get you a lot of trouble in the future. 

The problems of flood-damaged cars vary. When examining the cars, be sure to look if there is apparent rust in the body, especially under the car. Furthermore, give it the smell test in the interior, and check for unusual moisture as it is an indication that the car had been soaked in water. 

You should also carefully inspect the car’s electricity. If a car had been soaked in water, it should have a problem with the electricity, the battery should be overdrawn, etc.

To avoid buying damaged used cars, especially flood-damaged used cars, you can shop for used cars at trusted and well-known dealerships. Trusted dealership will never take risks by selling used cars of poor quality. 

You can also go ahead and directly ask if a prospective car has a waterlogged history. Trusted dealerships would not commonly lie to their customers. 

At the mobil88 outlets, used cars that had not been flooded is one of the five guarantees offered to customers. The five guarantees are called buyback guarantee. 

Cars sold at mobil88 are not secondhand cars that had been flooded that could cause corrosion and rot. Aside from flood-free, buyback guarantee also ensures that cars from mobil88 are crash-free. In addition, the number of kilometers on the odometer has not been tampered with, that way buyers are not deceived by the age of the car. 

At mobil88 you can buy secondhand cars online, while still being able to inspect the car directly and test drive it from home. Yes, mobil88 now offers Car On Delivery (COD) service for every consumer. 

The COD service allows you to see for yourself and inspect your dream car that you’ve picked from mobil88 online. You can even do a test drive #FromHome as we will deliver the car of your choosing to your home without any additional cost. To find out more on how to test drive from home, you can go ahead and click this link.