Prepare Your Car Before Driving in the Rainy Season

The beginning of the year marks the start of the rainy season in almost all cities in Indonesia. If you have to keep driving regularly, you have to prepare a few things prior to making a trip. Remember, the slippery road conditions in the rainy season require you to prepare your car in case of a flood. 

Therefore, you need to check the car parts to avoid undesirable events during the rainy season.  The procedure and preparation for driving in the rain and driving in dry conditions are different. The following are the preparations that must be made by car owners during the rainy season. 

Check the condition of the wiper

It is the most important tool when driving in rainy conditions. As it is made of rubber, the wiper has a certain working life. If during the previous dry season the wiper wasn’t used very often, then you must examine it. The rubber on the wiper can become brittle, wavy, or stiff due to being bleached in the sun for too long. If this happens, your view will be obstructed when it rains because the wiper won’t work optimally. If the wiper’s rubber has hardened, you must immediately replace it. 

Check the air pressure and the condition of the tire tread

The condition of the tires is vital to the safety aspect while driving on the road. It is easiest to check the tire pressure to ensure that it meets the standards recommended by the manual. The tire pressure must be perfectly balanced. You should also check the condition of the tire tread. When it rains, the tire tread will work to throw water to the side so that there won’t be any signs of aquaplaning. Thus, make sure that the treads are still in good condition. The thickness must be at least 50 percent from new or 1.5 cm. 

Fill the wiper washer hose 

Car owners often neglect to fill the wiper washer hose. Whereas, during the rainy season, the water from the wiper washer hose can help cleaning the windshield. For that reason, you have to make sure that the wiper washer hose is filled before making a trip. 

Make sure all car lights are working

Driving in the rain also means that you have to make sure the lights are functioning normally. Lights can increase visibility during the rainy season. Therefore, make sure that the headlights, turn signals, fog lamps, and taillights are working. 

Check the car’s air conditioner

Make sure the air conditioner is functioning properly and cold. Without air conditioning, the windshield will become foggy, which decreases visibility when driving in the rain.

Check the engine as well

Before driving, make sure the engine is in prime condition by performing regular maintenance in the repair shop. This is to ensure that there won’t be any obstacles when you are driving, especially when it is raining. It will be more troublesome if the car breaks down in the middle of pouring rain. 

Prepare equipment in the car

If you have checked the car parts, you also need to bring additional equipment such as umbrellas, sandals, small towels, and spare clothes. This is just in case you have to get out of the car when it is still pouring.