The Advantage of Selling a Car During Ramadan

Usually, the appropriate time to buy a car is at the end of the year. However, in Indonesia, buying a card during Ramadan is not a bad choice. When Eid Al-Fitr arrives, lots of people will celebrate it by going back to their hometown with new cars in tow.

So what is the advantage of buying a car during Ramadan? Naturally, there are many promos that can help you save some money. During Ramadan, car manufacturers will usually launch new cars or introduce massive promos. 

If you want to buy a new car, you must wait until all the documents have been processed. Instead of waiting, you can choose to buy a relatively new used car. By doing it, you can get more advantages. 

Aside from not having to wait until all the documents have been processed, you can directly use the car to go traveling with the family. One thing to note, to get quality used cars that have the same warranty as new cars, you need to buy one in mobil88. 

Moreover, as Eid al-Fitr is approaching, mobil88 has an enticing promo called THR (Tabur Hadiah Ramadhan/Ramadan Giveaways).  Therefore, now is the perfect time to upgrade your car. 

Get additional benefits for buying quality used cars in mobil88 throughout April 2021. Get the opportunity to obtain various prizes worth Rp3,000,000 by buying used cars on credit. Specific for trade-in transactions, you will also get an extra cashback up to Rp3,000,000. 

Every used car in mobil88 is covered by a buyback guarantee, which ensures that:

•The cars have never been in an accident that changes the structure of their chassis/frame

•The odometers have never been tampered with

•The cars have never been flooded

•The chassis and engine numbers are in accordance with the documents

•The cars’ documents are complete

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