Sell Your Car Easily and Quickly During the Pandemic

The ongoing pandemic puts a lot of people in a situation where they need cash quickly, especially as Eid al-Fitr is approaching. Some have to resort to selling their cars for cash. However, in the current condition, selling a car quickly is relatively harder to do. 

Worry not, as mobil88 can provide a solution for those of you who need to sell a car easily and quickly. In mobil88, you can sell your old car in just one hour.

You don’t have to come to the showroom along with the car that you want to sell. Everything can now be done from home. During the pandemic, if you want to sell your old car, you just need to state your personal data and details of the car on a form provided on mobil88 e-store’s website. Make sure the data you provided is in accordance with the actual condition of the vehicle so that we can offer the best price. 

You don’t have to come to the showroom along with the car that you want to sell. Everything can now be done from home. We will examine your car carefully to get the best price quotation according to the condition of the car. In 1 hour, after the form has been submitted, you will receive a definite price quotation.

Take a look at the following procedure if want to quickly and easily sell your old car in mobil88.

Easy & Safe Process

Fill out the form on page Sell a car. Then, mobil88’s team will immediately contact you within 30 minutes. The inspection process can be done #FromHome. Our team will come to the location to perform the inspection.

Best & Fair Price

Our professional appraisal team will perform an inspection and offer a price quotation in accordance with the condition of your vehicle.

Fast Payment

After the deal, you will receive money via transfer in 1x24 hours.

All of these processes can be done quickly if you already met all the requirements. As a seller, you need to prepare photocopies of Resident ID Card and Taxpayer ID/Trading Business Permit/Letter of Ownership Renunciation (for companies). You also need to prepare car documents such as STNK (Vehicle Registration Certificate), Form A,  BPKB (Proof of Motor Vehicle Ownership), Service/Manual Book, and Spare Key. If the car is still in credit, a Leasing Contract is needed as well.

You don’t need to pay any intermediary fee or commission to anyone, including mobil88’s staff. For further information, please contact 0804-1-000088.

Want to sell your old car? Sell your old car to mobil88 and get some cash quickly and easily! In addition, if you need a new car for your family, you can trade in your old car in mobil88.