As the Logistics Sector Grows, Timeliness Becomes the Deciding Factor

In the midst of the pandemic, the logistics business is growing due to the fact that many activities are conducted online, including shopping for the needs of the family. However, sometimes, goods are not being delivered in a timely manner. 

Currently, it is apparent that consumers of logistics services who often shop online are willing to pay more in exchange for a maximum and satisfactory service. The most important thing for consumers is an on-time delivery process.

In the modernization era, the logistics industry must be willing to improve in order to stay competitive. One of the ways to do so is by improving the speed of delivery to satisfy the consumers.

The speed of logistics services plays an important role today, especially in regard to online shopping. Consumers won’t hesitate to give a bad review to stores whose delivery services take a long time.

Thus, a little mistake in the logistics sector resulting in a long delivery process might lead to a harsh reception from the consumers, even if the goods themselves are received in a pristine condition. 

The logistics sector is also one of SERA’s business units, which belongs to the Astra Group. Under the brand of SELOG, SERA is present to fulfill the customers’ need for variable, end-to-end logistics services.

PT Serasi Logistik Indonesia (SELOG) provides a logistics service solution covering logistics service based on contract, delivery of goods service, warehouse management, and comprehensive freight forwarding through land, sea, and air transportation routes. 

In addition, SELOG also provides SELOG Express service for document and package delivery. SELOG currently serves a broad industry segment, namely automotive, consumer goods, heavy equipment, staple commodities, and others.

SELOG specializes in the sector of land logistics transportation and freight forwarding. Currently, SELOG owns 575 trucks. Meanwhile, the sea route is specifically managed by PT Toyofuji Serasi Indonesia that has 5 Ro-Ro (roll-on/roll-off) ships. 

With Astra FMS (fleet management system), a technology-based fleet management solution that helps the management of passenger and logistics transportation, SELOG becomes the best solution for Indonesian consumers.

Currently, SELOG has also implemented Warehouse Management System (WMS) service. The WMS service enables a continuous tracking process related to receipt, pick up, delivery, and confinement of goods, damaged goods, as well as finished orders. Not only that, but WMS also allows the customers to view the stock of goods up to a low stock level in real-time. 

SELOG is present to provide various end-to-end logistics services, one of which is courier services. In general, the express courier service is divided into standard service and resolutive service. Standard service covers same-day service, next-day service, and regular service. 

Meanwhile, with resolutive service, there is no need for you to worry if you require a special service such as VPD (Valuable, Perishable, Dangerous Goods) service for documents or delivery of heavy packages and goods that are too large to be delivered with regular cargo service. For further information, you can visit this link