Aside from Cars and Motorcycles, You Can Also Sell Scrap Goods at Auction!

All this time, you might think that auction items were only motorized vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, and electronic goods. But apparently, you can also sell scrap goods (solid waste), or commonly known as junk, at auction. 

Scrap goods here refer to junk items from motorized vehicles: motorbikes or cars that can no longer be operated. Maybe for junkyard hunters, these scraps are also called material cars or motorbikes. 

Scrap goods are considered to still have selling power. Parts that can still be used and repaired are extracted to be made into whole cars or motorbikes again. 

KPKNL Balikpapan Auction Service had a team who auctioned several motorized vehicles and cars and included scrap goods as well. These scrap goods sold out; they managed to sell two units of cars and two units of scrap motorized vehicles. 

The scrap items that were successfully sold at this auction were two units of motorized vehicles in the form of scrap which became the target of the auction participants, namely Toyota Kijang STD KF40 Short. The other ones still in good condition were one unit of Toyota Kijang Super KF83 Long and one unit of Toyota Kijang Super KF40 Short. 

Interestingly, the goods that seem less attractive at first glance actually saw an extraordinary price spike. This shows the high interest of bidders towards these scrap items. 

This proves that Indonesian people has started to recognize the current auction trend. One of the most trusted auction houses is Balai Lelang Serasi (IBID), which has been established since 2007. As an auction house operated by Astra group, IBID always carries out various innovations in terms of services, processes, and auction objects.

Since its inception, the IBID auction hall has been known as an auction hall that sells used vehicles such as cars and motorcycles, but apart from that, IBID also auctions other items. They include heavy vehicles, such as vehicles used for mining, construction, plantation areas, and these scrap goods. 

Vehicles auctioned at IBID are in accordance with the conditions as they are, so the price can vary according to these conditions. Usually scrap goods are sold at auction halls to be used as materials for other vehicles in reparation. 

But that's not all. IBID auction hall also held gadgets and electronics auctions. In July 2020, IBID has auctioned various types of gadgets and electronics on online platform using the Timed Auction method, which is an auction that lasts for several days, held exclusively on IBID application. 

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