Why You Should Buy Used Cars that Have Been Properly Inspected Before

When buying a used car, a thorough examination is needed as the quality of used cars varies. That’s why the process of looking for the right used cars usually takes a long time. 

However, nowadays, there are plenty of trusted used car dealers that have properly ensured the condition of the cars they sell. mobil88, a used car dealer and part of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA), provides a myriad of features that makes the process of buying used cars easier for prospective buyers. 

Interestingly, with digital technology, now people can buy a car without stepping out of their houses. As such, mobil88 has an “Inspection Services” feature. With this feature, prospective buyers can get an additional assurance regarding their car of choice as they can get it inspected via Astra Car Valuation (ACV).

You can use this service to acquire a complete and accurate report of car condition. Among others, aspects that will be assessed by ACV include the condition of the exterior, interior, chassis, and engine. The results of the inspection will be compiled well so that they can be understood by anyone, even those without any in-depth automotive knowledge. ACV makes it easier for you to find out vehicle condition and car quality, as they will be divided into several grades, namely A, B, C, D, or E.

That way, you can get the best used car that matches your expectation. Likewise, when you’re selling a car, the buyer can feel safe and comfortable when they decide to purchase your car. Used car transaction becomes more transparent.

Inspection proposal is also made easier, as it can be done online. You just need to choose the desired inspection schedule and location, and we will come to your place. We will send the results of the inspection report via email, meaning it will be quicker and easier to get. You can also see your inspection history through your own ACV account.

ACV system has been developed and used in several ASTRA Group companies since 2016. ACV has accurately and comprehensively inspected tens of thousands of vehicles from various brands and types.

Document and Car Inspection 

Completeness and authenticity of vehicle documents are important factors in the decision-making process of buying a used car. Car condition alone is not enough as a benchmark. Incomplete or even fake documents can cause a problem in the future, especially when you try to pay road tax.

Therefore, ACV also provides inspection service covering the examination of car documents to check their completeness and authenticity. That way, you won’t get tricked into buying a car that has a good condition but is legally problematic. You will be able to wisely make a decision when buying a used car.

This service can be accessed easily, just like Car Inspection. You can propose and decide the inspection schedule online. Inspection results will also be sent via email. Quick and easy.

ACV is part of the digital transformation efforts carried out by SERA as one of the best transportation and logistics companies in Indonesia. SERA keeps innovating to continue serving its customers well. For further information regarding Astra Car Valuation, you can visit this link.