Consign Your Car at IBID to Get It Sold Quickly

The pandemic era is a trying time for business players, and many went bankrupt as they had to close their businesses for too long. If you are a business owner who is in need of a quick dose of cash and want to sell your company’s assets, you can try selling your company car at the IBID auction hall. 

In general, people come to auction halls to find used cars at affordable prices. However, it turns out that at the IBID auction hall, in addition to searching for used cars, you can also sell your company car quickly and securely. 

At IBID’s auction hall, you can consign your old car at IBID, which will be put as an auctioned object. This practice is called the consignment method, which has been carried out for a while, as auction objects at IBID come from companies, financing companies, private companies, and the government. 

The consignment procedure is very easy and quick. You can consign your company’s car by following the following procedure:

  1. Fill out the consignment form at IBID’s website or application

Fill out your personal data and detailed information about the car that will be consigned online at IBID’s website or application.

  1. Choose the vehicle inspection schedule

Determine the schedule and location of the nearest IBID branch to get the vehicle that will be auctioned inspected.

  1. Go to the IBID branch for the inspection process

Bring the vehicle that will be inspected to the selected schedule and location. The estimated inspection time is around 30 minutes. You will immediately obtain the inspection results as well as the recommended selling price for the vehicle.

Your company car will be inspected by Astra Car Valuation (ACV)’s personnel. Its exterior, interior, frame, and machine condition will be thoroughly inspected. The inspection results will determine the car’s grade. The car’s condition will be categorized into either very good, good, decent, poor, or very poor.

  1. Obtain Price Recommendation based on the Market Auction Price (MAP)

After the inspection is finished, Astra Car Valuation (ACV)’s personnel will provide detailed information about your car’s condition as well as the basic price recommendation that you can use. The price recommendation is taken from the price listed on the Market Price Auction (MAP) database, which contains extensive data on used cars that have been sold at IBID’s auctions.

You can also check the current market price of the used car by registering as a member of MAP. You can do so by visiting MAP’s website. You can customize data contained on MAP in accordance with your current need. You can also set the model of the chart displayed on MAP, like a pie or bar chart. To become a member of MAP, you just need to register. After that, you can proceed to look for the market price of used cars to your heart’s content. The MAP feature is free. You don’t need to spend a dime to use it.

  1. The Used Car will be Included in the Closest Auction Schedule at IBID

Once you agree, your used company car will be included in the closest Live Auction or Timed Auction schedule. Go ahead and feel free to sell your old car at IBID with the new Consignment method.