35 Years of TRAC, Flashback of TRAC’s Journey to Date

TRAC, a subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya and part of the Astra family, is a company that offers comprehensive transportation solution services. Established in 1986, TRAC started out by offering car rental services, and it continues to develop car rental products and services in Indonesia. Currently, TRAC has become one of the first and biggest companies offering car rental services.

TRAC - ASTRA Rent a Car is the new identity of Toyota Rent a Car. When it first started, there were only five cars that it was able to rent out. Now, TRAC has grown to become a market leader in the transportation solution market, managing up to thousands of vehicles consisting of cars, motorcycles, and buses.

TRAC understands that the needs of the community are expanding, and the increasing mobility demands time efficiency. Companies need transportation solutions to support their business activities. Similarly, the community needs safe and comfortable transportation modes in conducting their activities.

TRAC can become a practical solution for companies or individuals. In addition to renting vehicles, TRAC also offers services that can be tailored to your needs. TRAC realizes that each customer has their own uniqueness. Hence, they also need different kinds of services. Customer satisfaction is TRAC’s main mission, as it wants to be great alongside you. 

The following are several services offered by TRAC for all kinds of people. 

Corporate Car Rental

An efficiently managed transportation system is one of the supporting factors of business success. However, TRAC understands that the needs of every company are not always the same, which calls for specifically-designed transportation solutions. Therefore, TRAC has provided various contract-based transportation solutions with a minimum term of cooperation of one year. 

TRAC also offers transportation services for employees' operational activities based on daily use. Corporate Daily Car Rental service allows you to rent a car only when you need to. 

Daily Car Rental

There are times when you need to travel within your city and even out of town with your families, colleagues, friends, and on your own. Alternatively, your car is still being repaired, and you need a comfortable vehicle for your daily mobility. There is no need to worry, as TRAC is ready to meet your transportation needs anytime with the Daily Car Rental service. With our vast network, our services can reach you wherever you are. 

Choose the most suitable service for your needs.

Self-Drive Car Rental Service

Go anywhere anytime with the self-drive car rental service. Rest assured, your safety is guaranteed as the cars being rented out are in prime condition. In addition, travel insurance is also available. Choose the 12-hours or 24-hours rental package with an option for additional time or the out-of-town trip package in accordance with your needs.

Car Rental Service with a Chauffeur

Want to sit back and enjoy the trip without having to drive on your own? Take advantage of TRAC’s car rental service with a chauffeur. This service includes car rental, driver services, travel insurance, as well as gasoline, tolls, and parking fees. Our reliable driver will pick you up and take you to your destination while prioritizing punctuality as well as a friendly and professional service. Select the suitable package for your needs: 4 hours or 12 hours.

Bus Rental Service

Building upon its experience of renting out cars, TRAC eventually offers the bus rental service to complement its other services. TRAC’s bus rental service can be chosen for group transportation, both in and out of town, as well as for corporate and personal needs.

Tour Bus Rental Service

TRAC Bus can fulfill various travel needs such as a holiday trip, family event, office/school trip, etc.


We can also meet the need for shuttle services for employees, school students, shuttle residence, MICE transportation, etc.

Each of our bus is always taken care of well, and the bus’ interior is made to be as comfortable as possible. Security is one of our priorities. Therefore, each seat within our vehicles is equipped with a safety belt. In addition, to ensure passenger comfort, several buses are equipped with WiFi, LCD TV, toilet, karaoke equipment, and pantry.

TRAC Bus offers various types of buses such as small, medium, big, and luxury buses. The number of seats ranges from 11 to 59 seats. Currently, TRAC’s Bus Rental Service is based in Jakarta and Surabaya. However, we can take you to any destination.

Technology-Based Transportation System

You can manage your company’s transportation needs optimally. We now provide a transportation system that combines cloud-based applications and internet of things. We design the TRAC Fleet Management Solution to help you easily manage and monitor your transportation process. That way, you can achieve maximum efficiency in the transportation aspect.

TRAC To Go App

Consumers tend to prioritize online information and transaction using smartphones. Hence, it is hoped that the TRAC To Go application can facilitate you when you need to rent a car and bus at any time and anywhere.

People can now rent a car via the updated TRAC To Go application, which makes the whole process much easier. All these conveniences will ensure that you and your family’s journey become safer and easier. Don’t forget to download the latest TRAC To Go app in Google Play Store and Apple Appstore from your smartphone.