The Car on Delivery Feature is Still Available in mo88i for Those Who Don’t Want to Go to the Showroom

The newly released mo88i has become mobil88’s new digital face in cyberspace. The mo88i platform is a platform for selling, buying, and trading in used cars. This platform also provides car inspection, offering price estimation, and submission in terms of vehicle financing and insurance services that have been integrated with Astra’s ecosystem.

mo88i, which can be accessed anywhere, is present in the midst of the pandemic by implementing the latest technologies and features to make it easier for customers to carry out different processes from the palm of their hands.

One of the features offered by mo88i is the COD or Car on Delivery service. The following are some of the advantages of the COD service.

1. Transaction Can be Made Without Having to go to the Showroom

The main advantage of the Car on Delivery service is the fact that you don’t need to meet face-to-face with the seller if you want to buy a used car. In addition, you also don’t have to come to the showroom in person if you want to see and choose your desired car. Just by opening mo88i’s site or application, you can make a purchase.

Naturally, the flexible transaction can provide benefits for those of you who live far from the showroom. You can imagine how exhausting it is if you need to come to the showroom just to see the car that you want.

2. A More Flexible Sale and Purchase Transaction Time

Not everybody has enough time to see their desired car, especially employees or businessmen who work for almost 24/7. However, a limited free time won’t be a problem for those of you who want to buy a used car. With mo88i’s Car on Delivery service, you just need to wait at home while your desired car is being delivered to your doorstep.

Jakarta as the capital city has become the center of the economy with its myriads of developments. The shift of the system used to sell used cars in Jakarta from a conventional one to an online-based system has made a significant impact. One such impact is the flexibility in making a transaction in terms of time. You can make a transaction anytime as long as you have some free time.

3. The Ease of Online Transaction

Online systems that rely on the internet have been implemented in almost all aspects of human life. As long as there is still an internet network, you can access them anywhere and anytime. With regard to the sale and purchase of used cars, you can make a transaction via a much more practical online system.

You can sell a used car online by going through a set of very easy processes. First, you need to visit mo88i’s website and application as the provider of the Car on Delivery service. Then, you can choose a type of payment transaction listed on the page.

4. A Practical Booking Showing

Booking showing allows customers to immediately make an order on the online system. Just by clicking on the features available on the website, your booking will be considered valid. In the next stage, mobil88’s staff will directly come to your house along with your desired car and documents used to finalize the transaction.

Those are some of the advantages offered by mo88i with the Car on Delivery service. With the service, you don’t need to come to the showroom. You can see and buy a used car without stepping out of the house. You just need to wait at home until your desired car is delivered.