Various Advantages of the Freight Forwarding Service

There are many business units within the logistics business. One of such units is the freight forwarding service. Freight forwarding is one of several international transportation methods that can be used to fulfill your business or personal needs. 

Currently, the freight forwarding service is very popular as many business players are starting to engage more in the e-commerce sector. This service is especially important for delivering goods from and to other countries. 

A freight forwarder is a service provider that has the ability to organize warehouses and deliver goods on behalf of the sender. The following are some of the advantages of using freight forwarder service for the consumers. 

One company, many services

For international shipping, using a freight forwarder service will facilitate and simplify the import and export of goods. The freight forwarder will assist in every process, starting from the packaging, warehousing, to customs procedures. In general, freight forwarders offer various services, such as tracking of goods, preparation of shipping documents, warehousing, ordering of cargo or containers, negotiation of shipping cost, and others. 

Multiple shipping options

With regard to the freight forwarding service, the freight forwarders will manage the delivery of goods from one location to another using air and sea transportation modes. In certain cases, delivery can also be made using land transportation modes. You are free to choose the right service that suits your needs. 


If you use a freight forwarding service, the time that it takes to deliver goods will be much more efficient. In the shipping process, time is of the essence as it can be used to carry out other activities. Moreover, the distance that one has to cover to get to the delivery location can make them hesitate or even too lazy to make a delivery. Therefore, if you use a freight forwarding service, the delivery of goods can be done more efficiently.

The Goods Will Arrive Safely and Quickly at its Destination

The delivery of goods process will be much safer and faster if the freight forwarding service is used, as long as the delivery destination is on the route and the road covered by the freight forwarder. 

One of the companies providing this service is PT Sera Logistik (SELOG), a member of the Astra Group. SELOG provides domestic delivery services with various transportation modes. It guarantees that the cargo will be delivered safely, on time, and with zero defects.

SELOG’s experience will help you to obtain the best price for the delivery of goods. It will also ensure that the goods will arrive punctually. An experienced shipping company will easily handle any problems that occur during the delivery of goods. 

There following are the six key stages of the delivery of goods in this service.

  • The goods that will be exported are transported from their initial location to the freight forwarder's warehouse.

  • The goods receive permission to leave their country of origin.

  • The cargo is unloaded, inspected, and validated against the purchase order.

  • Customs documents for the cargo will be inspected by the authorized party.

  • The cargo is handled after it reaches its destination, including by being transferred to the import warehouse.

  • The cargo is transported from the import warehouse to its final destination.

SELOG is present to fulfill the customers’ need for variable and end-to-end logistics services.