IBID Releases the Unlimited NPL, Know What Its Advantages Are!

The process of buying a car through an auction has become easier and safer. You need to have an NPL (Auction Participant Number) every time you participate in a vehicle auction process. NPL serves as a sign that you are officially participating in an auction on the listed schedule. 

Usually, one NPL can only be used to win one auction object on a certain auction schedule. However, at IBID, now there is an NPL that can be used to participate in multiple auctions, namely Unlimited NPL. 

This feature is a gift from IBID for your continued support in using IBID’s service to find your dream cars. You can get the Unlimited NPL if you already have the Gold and Platinum Membership badges on your IBID account. 

Advantages of Unlimited NPL

In general, one NPL can only be used to win one auction object on a certain auction schedule. As such, once you win a used car at IBID, the NPL can no longer be used. If you lose, then the NPL deposit will be fully returned to your account.

To answer the enthusiasm of customers throughout Indonesia who love to hunt for used cars at IBID, NPL Unlimited is now available, which you can use to participate in multiple used car auctions at IBID.

Just by using 1 Unlimited NPL, you can win up to 5 used cars in one auction. Therefore, you don’t need to use the regular NPL that can only be used in one auction schedule.

To participate in a used car auction at IBID, you can obtain a regular NPL by depositing RP5 million. However, for the Unlimited NPL, you must deposit Rp20 million. The NPL can be bought via IBID’s website and application, using BCA or Mandiri virtual account.

After buying an Unlimited NPL, you can use it to participate in IBID’s car auction across Indonesia. Just by paying once, you can participate in an auction in any city.

What are the Requirements to Buy an Unlimited NPL?

Before using the Unlimited NPL, make sure that your personal data is complete. The requirements that you need to meet are:

  1. Approving the terms and conditions of an auction

  2. Owning ID Card and scanning the electronic ID Card 

  3. Owning Taxpayer ID Number

  4. Verifying the registered phone number via an OTP (One Time Password) code

  5. Ensuring that the account number registered on the system is in accordance with the name of your IBID account. 

So, what are you waiting for? Complete your data so that you can enjoy the convenience of a used car auction at IBID using the Unlimited NPL. Download the IBID app on Google PlayStoreIOS AppStore , and Huawei AppGallery. For further information, please visit