Recommendation To Rent A Bus To Be Safe During The Pandemic

The prolonged COVID-19 pandemic makes people think twice about doing some activities or going on a vacation with their family.  However, there is a safe and comfortable solution if you want to go on a trip with your extended family, namely renting a bus.

Renting a bus is a transportation solution for group mobility during the pandemic, both for in and out of town activities. But you need to choose a transportation company carefully if you want to rent a bus.

The following are several things that must be considered when renting a tour bus.


Facilities on the bus are the main things considered by the majority of people when they want to rent a tour bus. The facilities are important as a comfortable trip equals a fun trip.

Facilities that must be considered are AC, availability of electricity, restroom, and entertainment facility such as DVD Player, LCD TV, and last but not least, luggage capacity.  If you want to have a more comfortable trip, rent a bus equipped with WiFi so that you can stay connected during the trip/


The next thing that must be considered is the capacity of the bus itself, especially during the pandemic as the bus can only be filled up to 50% of its maximum capacity. Usually, a good transportation company offers buses of various types and sizes to be rented.


You must also consider the reputation of a transportation company. Make sure that the company is trusted, experienced, has excellent service, provides a bus in accordance with your needs, and implements health protocol during the pandemic.

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The recommended bus rental company so that you can stay safe during the pandemic is TRAC.  TRAC’s bus rental service can be chosen for group transportation, both in and out of town, as well as for corporate and personal needs.

TRAC’s bus fleet is experiencing rapid progress. Many new units are being brought in, which increases the consumers’ trust toward TRAC. TRAC’s buses have excellent facilities and are wonderfully comfortable.

TRAC Bus can fulfill various travel needs such as a holiday trip, family event, office/school trip, etc. We can also meet the need for shuttle services for employees, school students, shuttle residence, MICE transportation, etc.

Each bus offered by TRAC is always taken care of well, and the bus’ interior is made to be as comfortable as possible. Security is one of TRAC’s priorities. Therefore, each seat within the vehicle is equipped with a safety belt. In addition, to ensure passenger comfort, several buses are equipped with WiFi, LCD TV, toilet, karaoke equipment, and pantry.

TRAC bus offers various types of buses, starting from small, medium, big, to luxury buses, with a choice of between 11 to 59 seats.

TRAC even provides super luxurious buses with full facilities. You can even conduct a meeting with business partners and have a karaoke session on the go with it. The super luxurious buses are equipped with AC, TV, DVD player, karaoke set, reclining seats, hand rest, electricity, meeting room, etc.

You can make a reservation online via TRAC’s website and the TRAC to Go application, which makes the process easier. Alternatively, you can contact the Customer Assistance Center at 1500009 and send an email to 

Let’s plan your journey right here and now and create an unforgettable moment of togetherness!