Beware of Auction Scams! Choose Only a Reputable Auction House Useful Tips for Buying a Car at Auction

Before Lebaran or Eid al-Fitr, there will be a buzz of secondhand car auction. Auction may be a good place to look for a secondhand car you can use to go on mudik (exodus).

However, before buying a car at auction, you should be cautious and pay attention to how the auction works because some people will gladly to use it to scam you.

You are probably still remember of scam involving certain individuals acting illegally in the guise of a government-owned auction house. They even committed identity theft by using a former high-ranking government officer’s name as a guarantor for the luxury MPV auction in early 2021.

You may easily avoid being a victim of these scams if you understand what makes them too good to be true from the start such as overly simple procedure and an enticing promise that you can get better deals with them than the competitors.

Despite all of the benefits, you should double-check all of the information you have received and be cautious before jumping in,  because buying a car at auction really gives you more value for your money.

The first benefit of buying a car at auction is the car’s quality is exactly the same as advertised since auction houses hire an expert or professional curator who is familiar with cars. They will inspect the cars before putting them up for sale.

In addition to physically inspecting the cars, they evaluate the cars’ nonphysical components (software) manually or with a computer. Based on the condition inspection, the cars are given scores ranging from A to C.

As a result, you may be confident in the car you are purchasing because it has been thoroughly inspected by a professional. The car’s quality is equal to the money you spend.

Second, auction houses will offer a wide range of cars for consumers to bid on, giving you a variety of options to choose from based on your budget and intended use.

Third, the asking price is reasonably determined by certain factors. Thus, you do not have to worry about buying a car that is not worth the price.

However, to get the most bang for your buck, you must choose the right auction houses that organize the auction. Choose a reputable auction house with an excellent track record that has been recognized by the government.

PT Balai Lelang Serasi, which has been conducting auctions under the brand name IBID since 2007, is one of the auction houses that ticks all of these boxes. As an Astra Group company, IBID is constantly striving for innovation and improvement, from service delivery and the auction process to the lots sold at its auctions. 

IBID is adaptive to change, particularly in times of pandemic, as more and more people move toward doing everything online. Compared to its competitors, IBID offers a simpler method and provides more benefits. 

IBID also provides a variety of other alternatives and methods for bidding at auction. The introduction of digital technology to the company’s bidding process has allowed you to bid online, which is a lot easier. Now, you can also consign your old car with IBID. This type of auction is called Flash Auction, where you can sell your car fast.

Then, what is the difference between this Flash Auction and another IBID-hosted auction, such as Timed Auction? 

Flash Auction is a new way to sell your car at online auction that only lasts a few minutes. This auction has no set schedule. You can inspect a car through a live stream and participate in a live chat Q&A session before bidding on it. 

Flash Auction is great for people who need to sell their car fast. This auction is also an excellent way to see what used cars are up for auction at IBID without having to wait for the next scheduled auction.

Timed Auction, on the other hand, is IBID’s latest innovation in online auction. Unlike Flash Auction, which you can join from both IBID’s app and website, Timed Auction can only be joined from the app. 

Timed Auction also differs from Flash Auction in terms of duration. Typically, Timed Auction often lasts for a longer period of time, ranging from two to seven days, providing you a longer window of opportunity to bid. Meanwhile, Flash Auction, as the name implies, only lasts for a shorter period of time. Using Flash Auction, you can buy or sell a car faster. 

For anything else, Timed Auction and Flash Auction have more in common. They both take place online, and you obtain the same auction participant number or NIPL for both types of auction, which is Timed Auction NIPL. Choose your favorite. You can go with Flash Auction if you want to experience fiercer competition and need to buy or sell your car on the same day. However, if you are not in a hurry and want to enjoy your time bidding on a car, Timed Auction is the way to go.

More importantly, you can always bid from anywhere, whether it is Flash Auction or Timed Auction, all without having to visit a local IBID office. You can also learn more about the car’s condition by reading the information provided for each car for sale. Join the car auction at IBID right now! Visit