Trading In Your Used Car? Leave it to the Professionals!

Here’s How To Sell Car Safely, Transparently, and Profitably

Most people have the desire to change cars, especially after homecoming, as there are new models that they consider more suitable and more attractive. The only problem that often arises concerns their old car. They don’t know what to do with it.

It becomes even more inconvenient if there is no space left in the garage. There are several solutions for this kind of problem, but the most rational one is to sell the old car first.

However, this, too, may lead to some other problems. Selling a car is a not-so-easy task, especially with the expectation of a high selling price.

Often, a low selling price is not caused by the car condition, but because the buyer “outsmarts” the seller, especially if we only have a limited idea about the ins and outs of every part of the car and the quality of its condition,

or when we want to trade it in with a new car. Frequently, certain individuals in the trade in car showrooms will try to lower the price under the pretext of made-up standards.

mobil88: Easy, Transparent, and Profitable

A showroom that fairly sells and trades in used cars should be transparent in assessing cars’ conditions. Thus, it should have clear general indicators or assessment factors.

The assessment process has to be conducted by a certified professional inspector or special assessor, using proven methods that are not haphazard.

One example of a fair showroom is mobil88, a subsidiary of Astra Group.  In addition to upholding transparency and professionalism, mobil88 offers professional assessors or inspectors for checking cars’ conditions.

There are 50 parts of the car that will be assessed transparently and professionally before the estimated price is set. This way, the owner of a used car can get the best and fair price.

With 32 years of experience in professional and transparent car transactions, mobil88 has been trusted by most people in Indonesia.

Nowadays, mobil88 even provides the convenience of selling used cars digitally using mo88i (read: mobbi) platform, available both as a website and as a mobile application. Both provide solutions for safer and more comfortable used car transactions, 

allowing you to have your car inspected, examine your car’s estimate, apply for car financing, and buy a car insurance. All of these services are integrated into Astra’s ecosystem.

Thus, selling a car takes no longer than one hour, in a safe and reliable manner. 

You can also trade in your car, regardless of the brand or model, at mobil88. The entire process is so fast, as it only takes an hour to trade in your car with a new one. Find your dream car now at mo88i website, or download mo88i app on Play Store or App Store. You can also talk with our team first if you need any assistance or information!