Towed Leasing Car Auction Scams Rising, Choose Only a Reputable Auction House

Here is How to Buy a Towed Leasing Car Safely from Reputable Auction House

The term “auction” is now often used by an individual or a group of individuals to reap profits unsavorily through scams. By selling a used, leasing car claimed to have been towed due to the failure of the lessee to pay the installments up to the stipulated limit, such an individual or group of individuals behind the scams will create a scenario as if the car has attract many potential buyers who have submitted their bids.

Ironically, a lot of people are tempted to join this type of fraudulent sale because of the lower price and easy bidding mechanism. People who fall for this scam are those with no knowledge about auction processes and lack of understanding about auction houses.

Moreover, scammers often use digital technologies for online process or social media. By displaying practical, transparency, and fairness through the methods above, they are able to trick the potential buyers.

In order to avoid such a fraudulent crime, it is best to learn and ensure that the auction process and its auction house are legitimate.

The first step that needs to be done is thorough checking. If there is a person or group of people claiming to be from a famous auction house via a social media account, examine it first.

Check its social media feed to see whether or not it is really professional. If there are mistyped, bad content design, or poor pictures/photos of the cars that are claimed to be on sale or auctioned, the account should be suspected.

After the first checking, make sure the car to be auctioned is really a towed leasing car. You can do it by asking the company name that towed the car, the name it is registered under, the year of manufacture, and other identifiers of the car to the account manager.

Don’t forget to also cross-check the leasing company that is claimed to tow the car. Unfortunately, this cross-check method will take up a lot of your time and energy.

To get the convenience and benefits of a real auction, find an official auction house with a strong reputation and credibility. Through a reputable and credible auction house, you can legally buy a towed leasing car that is confiscated from a lessee who no longer can pay credit installments.

IBID, a Trusted and Reputable Auction House

PT Balai Lelang Serasi aka IBID is one of the auction houses that you can trust. This auction house operates auction businesses and has been authorized by the Directorate General of State Assets Management of the Indonesian Ministry of Finance under License Number 23/KM.6/Juni 2007.

IBID is a subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA), an Astra Group company. Through its portal web and mobile application, IBID offers auction services for any individuals or companies, from large-scale purchases to retail buying.

Every week, IBID holds auctions in its 10 branches across Indonesia. This company has also successfully held auctions in over 30 cities in Indonesia. Thousands of vehicles were auctioned since 2007.

On IBID, there are three different methods that you can opt according to your needs and desire, namely on-site auction, live auction, and online auction. Each method has its own characteristics and advantages.

An on-site auction is an auction that allows participant to come directly to the auction site. Participants who do not have time or are unable to attend an on-site auction can participate in either a live auction or an online auction.

With a live auction, participants can join from anywhere. The auctioned item will then be sent to the winning bidder’s house immediately.

Another advantage of this method is that anyone can join easily. Anyone who wants to participate simply needs to register on the IBID website or application by filling in their personal information: name, email, and password. For a much easier process, you can also register using Facebook, Google, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

In order to make transactions easily and conveniently, participants are asked to provide the required data with a photo of original ID card and bank account information.

Live auction is the virtual version of on-site auction, where participants can bid flexibly even while enjoying their coffee via IBID website or application that is available on Google Play Store. The schedule is the same for both live auction and on site auction.

So, are you interested? Visit IBID portal web at