Enjoy School Vacation Trip with Extended Family by Bus

Vacation time is always attached to the mind of students, from elementary school to high school and event college. It is not just the time to relieve the burden after studying hard, taking lessons and exams for a semester or two.

Thus, vacation should ideally be filled with relaxing activities, but still with educational values. This kind of vacation can be carried out on a vacation trip.

Vacation trip is not only recreational activity to relax and refresh students’ mind and spirit, but also a means for learning about the tourist attraction or the culture of a tourist destination, understanding the importance of environments, and building togetherness with family or friends.

Educational values will be instilled stronger when the trip is carried out with an appropriate process and method.

One of the proper ways is using a vehicle with a big enough cabin to carry many passengers, such as bus.

A bus allows its passenger to relax. They can have conversations with one another, sharing stories while enjoying the trip.

Fresh minds, moments full of togetherness, and a strong sense of kinship will build a deep intimacy between one individual with another. That is the benefit of going on a vacation trip by bus.

In addition, traveling in groups by bus allows each participant to save some of their money. The use of parking lot becomes more efficient and easier to coordinate.

The trip can be more organized, and we don’t need to worry about baggage limitation, as it can be a lot bigger.

Ensure safety and comfort

While it has many benefits, vacation trip by bus should be planned and conducted very carefully. There are potential problems in conducting this kind of vacation, such as vehicle breaking down or passengers getting bored or even feeling “uneasy” because the cabin is not comfortable enough. If one of these problems happens, the trip could become a “disaster”.

Therefore, do these steps before conducting a vacation trip. First, make a list of tourist attractions to visit.

Second, make a list of things to do. Third, make a list of items to bring. Last, conduct a survey on the bus and the rental company.

For the last step, you should not be tempted by merely cheap rents. Instead, check the credibility of the rental company, including the condition of the buses and the facilities offered.

It is not uncommon that a bus rental company offers a cheaper rent with a good bus appearance. But, it turns out that the service, comfort, and professionalism of the driver and the crew are not that good.

One of the most trusted bus rental companies for your vacation trip is TRAC. Specializing in the transportation business, this large rental subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) has made a name for itself.

Why choose TRAC?

TRAC offers various bus options for group traveling, be it for short, intercity trip or out-of-town travel, be it for individual or corporate clients. TRAC ensures that every bus in its fleet is well maintained.

The comfort of its interior or cabin is ensured. Every seat in each bus is equipped with a seat belt and, to give additional benefits to TRAC’s customers, some buses even come with Wi-Fi, LCD TVs, bathroom, karaoke machine, along with kitchen countertop and cabinets (for certain types).

Every TRAC bus is equipped with glass breakers, emergency exits, and fire extinguishers for use during emergency. Every TRAC driver is highly trained and experienced, so your comfort and safety can be assured even further.

They have also been vaccinated and health-screened, ensuring everyone’s wellbeing, especially amid the pandemic. And with its own health protocol called SMART, TRAC always makes sure that every bus is cleaned and disinfected.

The company offers various options, from Small and Medium Buses to Big and Luxury Buses. You can choose from an 11-passenger to a 59-passenger bus. TRAC even offers an option brimming with luxurious amenities, allowing you to have a meeting with your business partners or enjoying a karaoke session along the way.

With TRACtoGo app, you can book a bus without hassle. Just go to “Bus Rental” menu and choose the option that works best for your traveling needs.

TRAC also has a range of great bus rental deals. For more information on the promo, including the terms and conditions, visit