Make Sure to Choose Experienced Inspector for Used Car Inspection

Use Experienced Inspecting Service for More Comfortable and Safer Way of Purchasing Used Car

Purchasing used cars should not be like buying a cat in a sack. A buyer has to know the actual condition of the dream car they want to buy. And a seller has to know the actual condition of the car before determining its price.

Pre-purchase inspection is a mandatory vehicle inspection procedure. A professional car mechanic or technician will have to inspect the vehicle thoroughly. Not only on new cars, this procedure also should be carried out on used cars.

The appearance, engine, and safety conditions of a car are essential. However, such a complicated procedure will no longer bother you if you choose to buy a car from a trusted site, as all the cars have been inspected thoroughly.

Knowing potential used vehicle problems early through the inspection procedure will save you from potential problems and expensive repairs in the future.

Most people doubt the condition of used cars, as they knew little about cars. But, you need not to worry, as Astra Car Valuation (ACV) now provides a used car inspection service to help you inspect the condition of a car thoroughly.

ACV provides a complete car inspection solution with trusted services from experienced experts. With ACV, you will get an accurate, transparent, and detail inspection report, detailing everything about the car conditions.

What does ACV inspect?


We will inspect the exterior of your car, such as the authenticity of the car paint, the condition of the bumper, hood, vehicle doors, and others.


An inspection will be also carried out on everything inside the car cabin, such as the dashboard, car seats, steering wheel, vehicle ceiling, and others.


ACV will also inspect the car frame, including the suspension. We will inspect whether or not the car frame is still in a good condition.


Engine inspection is carried out to find out whether or not the car engine still works properly, including the electrical condition of the car.


ACV also inspects the completeness of the car documents, such as Vehicle Registration Certificate (STNK) and Registration Paper (BPKB).

Experienced inspectors

With the support of experienced inspectors, the time required to do inspections is quite short, only around 20-30 minutes. Once all parts of the car have been inspected, the report will show the car’s actual condition. Thus, you don’t need to worry when purchasing used cars.

Inspect used car precisely

ACV will help you set the right selling price. This application features an inspection method that will check the vehicle’s condition and determine the vehicle’s quality. The result will be classified into grades A to E. 

Based on the grade, ACV will give recommendation on the right selling price so that you can determine a proper one easily. Not only for the seller, the inspection result will be a great help for prospective buyers.

Inspect vehicle anywhere with ease

Simply book a vehicle inspection schedule and select the desired inspection location. The ACV inspector will come according to the schedule and location specified.

Ordering an online vehicle inspection with ACV is quite easy. You only need to fill out a vehicle inspection service form on the official ACV website. Before the inspection, contact the seller and ask for permission to inspect the car. After the inspection, usually a report will be sent via email approximately within 24 hours. 

Here, it is highly recommended for you to use Astra Car Valuation’s inspection service that guarantees the process to be performed by expert, professional, independent, and experienced inspectors.