A Professional Driver Is Key to a Convenient Car Rental Service

Renting a Car with a Driver? Consider These

Renting a vehicle to support activities requires more than just a new vehicle at a lower cost. It should take into account safety and convenience.

This applies to both self-drive and chauffeured packages. Even, in the chauffeured service, the driver is required to be experienced, skillful, and well-behaved.

Indeed, the last requirement is intangible. At first, the customer can only know it from the rental company.

Therefore, the customer can ask the rental company to prove it. Nonetheless, many car rental companies do not guarantee it.

One of the car rental companies whose drivers have good track records is TRAC. A subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya under Astra Group, TRAC requires its drivers to be able to drive safely.

TRAC even provides regular training in safety driving and defensive driving. The drivers are also given training and guidance on serving and satisfying customers.

They are trained to open and close the door and bring customers’ hand luggage. Even, in terms of music and air conditioner, the drivers must ask the customers.

In addition, there are different driving styles for different road characteristics. TRAC requires seven aspects of services. Those seven aspects include informing customers and being on time.

The other aspects are inspecting the car before going, being neat and clean, being friendly and warm, driving safely and comfortably, knowing the roads well, and respecting customer privacy.

Even, during the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia, TRAC has been complying with extra safety and hygiene standards for all fleets. All vehicles are regularly cleaned and disinfected. The drivers have also been vaccinated against Covid-19.

TRAC is also highly committed to helping the customers 24/7. Interested customers can contact its Customer Assistance Center at 1500 009 for help, information, or ordering. 

TRAC also offers a series of great bus rental deals. For more information on these deals, including the terms and conditions, visit