The Key Role of Transportation in Logistics

Transportation Is the Key to Logistics for Your Business Success

In the business sector, the speed and accuracy of services – including product delivery – are the key to gaining customer trust. In turn, the trust will result in customer loyalty to the company's products and brand. If this materializes, the business objective can be achieved more easily.

With regard to the speed and accuracy of services, including product delivery to the customers, logistics is a key factor as it involves managing the movement of materials and goods both for the production process and product marketing purposes.

That said, how well logistics functions largely depends on the reliability of the means of transportation. Transportation plays a role in moving goods from one place to another within a specified time, so it is critical to dictating successful, effective, and efficient logistics.

It should be noted, however, that transportation should not only have performance reliability in moving goods but also offer cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency. Therefore, costs must be considered to achieve business operational efficiency, thus maximizing profit.

In other words, the means of transportation in logistics activities are essential. Effective and efficient transportation in logistics greatly determines how well the supply chain is, which is the key to the continuity and success of business operations.

Therefore, for effectiveness and efficiency, many companies outsource their fleet for logistics activities to a third party. This method proves more effective and efficient than if they manage their fleet in-house.

A subsidiary of Astra International, PT SERA, more commonly called SERA, is renowned as one of the largest transport and logistics companies in Indonesia, with 26 branch offices across Indonesia as of 2020.

Thanks to its 30-year experience, PT Serasi Autoraya understands the needs of Indonesians very well, especially in the logistics and transport sectors. SERA has become a big company with a capable technological facility and offers the best services for Indonesians.

SERA also runs a logistics business unit called Serasi Logistik (SELOG). This business unit offers quick, accurate, safe, and always timely logistics services with capable technological support and competent, highly-trained, and reliable human resources in providing services.

SELOG offers a range of integrated, professional services, including Contract Logistics, Shipping Services, Shipping Agencies, Freight Forwarding, Warehouse and Yard Management, and Courier Services.

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