Tips for Choosing Car Rental for Your Business

Here Is How to Choose the Right Fleet Leasing Company for Your Day-to-Day Business Operations

Leasing a fleet of vehicles to support your employees in performing their day-to-day work activities is an effective and efficient way for your business. Why? Because by leasing instead of buying vehicles for your company, you do not need to go the extra mile of allocating a budget.

On top of that, by leasing, your company does not need to form a new department dedicated to managing vehicles, including hiring new employees to drive, maintain, and perform repairs when something goes wrong. When you lease your corporate vehicles, the rental will take care of everything for you,

allowing you to enjoy all the benefits without hassle. And what your company needs to do is zero in on its ultimate goal: maximizing the profits.

This would be an ideal scenario, but in practice, everything might be different or turn out to be the contrary. For instance, the condition of the vehicles provided sometimes does not live up to your expectations or is not as promised, giving you more trouble.

Unreliability, which causes delays in your company’s operations, is another common thing you should be wary about. It can negatively affect your staff’s productivity and well-being, too.

That is why there are several things to consider before you jump into leasing a fleet to support your business operations. First, decide on the vehicles you are going to rent by identifying their purposes and users.

For example, a staff member will normally use a different vehicle from that of a top-level manager. Also, a car to drive within the city should also differ from that for a long, intercity drive.

Second, make sure that the condition of the vehicles is up to standard before you lease them. Never judge the quality of a vehicle from the way it looks on the outside or the manufacture year stated in its documentation, but from how it feels when you drive it.

Make sure the vehicles perform well and are comfortable to drive and that all of their features and parts work properly. This is a necessary step to ensure a comfortable and safe ride.

Third, make sure that all vehicles in the fleet are insured, because insurance reduces risks when misfortunes happen.

Fourth, if the lease comes with a chauffeur service, make sure that the drivers are skilled and certified, which is a sign that the rental is highly committed to professionalism and safety.

Fifth, choose a reputable and trustworthy rental company that can provide you with everything mentioned above. As a rule of thumb, you can tell a company’s reputation by its track record and how many businesses trust it to provide solutions for their fleet needs.

If you are looking for a reputable and trustworthy car rental provider, TRAC is the answer. A subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya and Astra International Group,

TRAC provides you with various transportation solutions, including safe and comfortable car rentals with many options of vehicles for individual and corporate customers alike, plus guaranteed reliability, comfort, and safety. You can rent cars for days, years, and everything in between.

TRAC has several advantages to offer. First, the reservation process is now easier via TRAC’s website and application. It also has an extensive network of branches in over 50 cities in Indonesia.

Second, all TRAC’s services are integrated into the TRAC Fleet Management Solution, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey for you, precisely and real-time. 

Third, TRAC protects you with insurance, so safety and peace of mind are guaranteed. It also ensures that the fleets it provides are always in good shape.

Fourth, TRAC is committed to helping its customers 24/7. TRAC pairs you with professional, trained, and certified drivers.

For assistance, information, and reservation, contact the Customer Assistance Center at 1500 009. Alternatively, you can visit TRAC’s official website at or go directly to the corporate fleet leasing page here