Choose a Reliable Car Rental Company for Year-End Vacation

Don’t Pick the Wrong Car Rental Company for Your Year-End Vacation

This year-end vacation will certainly be fun because you will be able to spend time with your relatives, considering that you may now travel—as long as you follow health protocols. Renting a car is the best option to spend your year-end vacation. Your daily or out-of-town trip will be more convenient and safe if you rent a car.

It is convenient because you can leave and return whenever you want. You can also stop by anywhere along the way. The flexibility will surely make your mobility easier. Even more so if you opt for self-drive.

However, make sure you do not pick the wrong car rental company. You surely do not want your family vacation to be ruined due to your mistake of choosing a non-credible car rental company.

If you really need to rent a car for year-end vacation, you should pay attention to the car rental you choose. Many car rental companies offer competitive rates, but you should consider the service quality, including the driver and the vehicle’s condition, along with the rate.

With so many car rentals including drivers in their services, remember that your safety should be one of the most important things to consider. You need to be careful, especially because it is very easy to find an unqualified driver who might put you at risk.

Thus, you need to choose a car rental with a lot of experience in the business, like TRAC. Your decision will be especially important if you intend to hire a driver. TRAC provides you with a qualified driver. Moreover, our drivers have completed a series of training that have honed their driving skills, allowing them to become accustomed to driving any type of car safely on any type of road.

They have also received defensive driving training. Why is defensive driving necessary? This certification ensures drivers can clearly think ahead and always be ready to take on any situations that may happen when driving.

TRAC also offers various vehicle options for every need, from MPVs, SUVs, and compact cars to sedans. Furthermore, TRAC has many options of buses to rent, including big buses, medium buses, small buses, and luxury buses.

Travel insurance is included in the price you pay for TRAC’s services, so your safety is always guaranteed. TRAC also equips its services with life insurance for third parties. The insurance applies to both the self-drive package and chauffeur package.

If a rented car is damaged by accident, the customer will not be charged for its repair or substitution. They just need to pay the administrative fee for the insurance claim process. Additionally, the insurance will cover the replacement of a lost car and damaged properties.

More importantly, TRAC delivers its services to customers with strict preventive measures for COVID-19. In any business activity, TRAC implements its own protocol called SMART, which stands for Sanitize, Wear a Mask, and Ready to Go. Sanitize means sanitizing cars with disinfectants between uses, while Wear a Mask requires both drivers and customers to wear mask. When these two steps are completed, TRAC is Ready to Go to serve its customers.

TRAC always prioritizes health protocols in each of its services to ensure the health and safety of its customers in their mobility through various procedures for curbing the spread of COVID-19. Below are the steps taken by TRAC:

  • We wash and sanitize our cars using disinfectant before and after each use

  • We focus on hygiene in all operational and organizational processes, following the Hygienic and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBS)

  • We always follow the physical distancing protocol when driving, in line with the applicable rules.

In addition to car rental services, you can book an airport shuttle service from TRAC. Simply call the TRAC Customer Assistance Center at 1500009 or send an email to You can also use the TRACtoGo on your smartphone for further convenience. For your information, TRAC also offers daily rental car services as well as corporate car rental services. 

Start your safe and hassle-free journey with TRAC today!