Creating an Attractive and Effective CV for a Job Application

An Attractive CV Provides Added Value

Creating an attractive CV is essential in preparing for a job application, because recruiters can see various required information of the applicants for their consideration in the recruitment process.

Your CV should be able to attract the recruiters’ attention among the amassing CVs from other applicantsonly by creating an attractive one. Your extra effort in creating an attractive CV will definitely be reflected in it, attracting the recruiters’ attention.

However, an attractive CV does not combine vibrant colors and pictures. Instead, the presented extensive content and information should be understandable.

Many job applicants still struggle to create an attractive CV, thinking it is only insignificant. You need to pay attention to several things in creating an attractive CV before sending it to your dream company.

Five Tips in Creating an Attractive CV

Thoroughly Present Your Personal Information

The first thing you put in a CV is your personal information. Deliver only the important and relevant information required for the recruitment process. Avoid turning your CV into a diary, as the recruiters don’t need that.

Your personal information presented in the CV should be thorough but brief and compact at the same time. So the recruiters will not waste too much time just to know your personality. Attract them even only with a single piece of your CV.

Use the Right Sentences

When applying for a job, you certainly need to use the right words and sentences. In a company with employees upholding professionalism, its recruiters need to see if you have the same quality.

Prove your professionalism by arranging your words in your CV and cover letter. One of the strategies is to change some familiar words. For example, you can change the word “Hardworker” into “Innovative” or “Creative,” and “Able to Work Under Pressure” into “Able to Work Consistently.”

This way, the recruiters will see you as a job applicant with a distinctive personality. It can also raise your chance of being recruited.

Provide the Relevant Experience

If you have some prior work experience, briefly describe their job descriptions. This information is crucial for the recruiters to ensure your experiences fit the position you are applying for. Your application may be processed to the next recruitment stage if they’re relevant.

If you’re a fresh graduate, you can share your experiences during your study in the college, such as your active participation in organization activities or various hard skills and soft skills training programs.

Moreover, most universities now require students to join the on-the-job training program. It will be an important experience for you!

Create a Professional Design

One of the ways to create an attractive CV is by presenting it in an unusual design. You need to summarize the relevant information in your CV to give it a professional look. So, the recruiters will be easily attracted to the well-designed structure of your CV.

Various websites also provide fascinating template designs to create an attractive CV, such as Canva, and many more.

Provide Accessible Contact

The last thing frequently forgotten by job applicants is the information of accessible contact. The recruiters are frequently unable to reach the applicants because the provided contact is not accessible.

So, make sure to provide the right contact information, with your phone number and email address at the least. Your efforts of sending a CV and cover letter will be wasted if the company cannot reach you.

After you read some useful tips for creating an attractive CV here, it’s time to look for various job vacancies.

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