Tips for Applying for a Job after Lebaran Holiday

The post-Lebaran holiday is considered the right time to apply for a job. A lot of companies are opening job vacancies after the holiday because many of their employees are resigning.

There are many reasons behind the increasing number of job openings during this period. The most obvious reason is that companies need new employees for each vacant position immediately, so their operations can keep going well without any obstacles.

The companies are also aware of the widespread resignation culture after the Lebaran holiday, which has become a normal thing in the world of work. So many people will thus be expected to look for new jobs to continue their livelihood.

The companies use this advantage to filter the applicants to hire the best talents to contribute well.

Several things need to be prepared for job application after the Lebaran holiday. If you prepare well, you will have a better chance to work in your dream company.

The most important thing is always to do your best in the recruitment processto overcome the company’s doubt about recruiting you as their new member.

Four Tips for Successful Job Application

Gather Information about the Desired Company

To know is to love. It seems the right saying for you looking for a dream job. Gather as much information as possible about the company you are sending your application to, ranging from its history and products, to its work culture and environment.

Those shouldn’t be difficult to gather because any information is highly accessible nowadays,whether through the company’s website or social media account. By gathering such information, you will be more ready for the job interview.

So, your knowledge about the company may be their crucial consideration for the next stages of the recruitment process.

Make an Attractive CV

Attaching a resume or CV (Curriculum Vitae) is a must to apply for a job. This allows the company to get deeper information about the applicants.

Since you must compete with other applicants, make sure you make an attractive and understandable CV. You don’t need to input all information about you, especially the personal ones. The important thing is making the CV looks stand out that it can attract the attention of the recruitment staff.

Understand the Job Description of the Position You are Applying for

This also needs to be mastered during the job application process. Avoid applying for a job only because of its promising salary and benefits without understanding the job description of the position you are applying for.

Basically, there’s nothing wrong with it, but it will be a boomerang for you. What if the job description of the position you apply for doesn’t suit your abilities and capabilities? It is better for you to thoroughly understand it before sending a cover letter.

Improve your Skills and Abilities

The last and most important part during a job application is never to stop training and improving your skills, especially the ones directly related to the position you are applying for.

Make good use of your spare time by joining some training. The newly gained knowledge will enrich your insights, which will surely be useful to improve your career in the future.

Those are some simple tips for you when applying for a job after the Lebaran holiday. The companies look for the best applicants who are reliable and have a real work ethic.

Therefore, good work culture can be maintained as the company’s reflection in creating quality and effective results. The same thing is implemented by PT Serasi Autoraya or SERA.

Founded on 22 March 1990, it has become the leader in Indonesia’s transportation and logistics industry. Every year, this Astra Group’s company welcomes new members to fill various positions at the company.

SERA continues to provide opportunities for individuals qualified for positions at the company and its subsidiaries.

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