Understanding Safety Driving and How to Do It

Safety driving is necessary for drivers, especially those who frequently use cars daily. Driving skills must always be prioritized to maintain safety on the road

because we cannot predict potential dangers and accidents. Other road users may cause accidents, but it is also possible that they occur due to our negligence as drivers to control the speed of our vehicles.

Therefore, as an important requirement, you must master the techniques of safety drivingto avoid reckless behaviors such as aggressive driving and violating road regulations.

Understanding Safety Driving

Safety driving, also known as skill-based driving, is a basic technique for controlling driving behavior using the appropriate skills and experiences according to road safety standards. Safety driving must be applied to create safety and comfort.

By applying safety driving, you will become alert while driving a carto minimize any potential and often unpredictable dangers. 

There are several things to consider to maintain vigilance as the most important aspect of safe driving. This is surely beneficial not only for you but also for other road users’ safety.

3 Tips to Practice Safety Driving

Holding the Steering Wheel

When driving a car, it is important to have a good understanding of proper techniques in holding the steering wheel. Because the control of the car’s speed is entirely in the steering wheel, drivers should not be careless to ensure the controlled and safe speed of the car. At least two types of steering wheel techniques can be practiced.

  • Pull Down In this technique, the hands hold the upper part of the steering wheel and then move to the side and down to the bottom part while maintaining the car’s speed.

  • Push Up This technique is the opposite, where the driver holds the lower part of the steering wheel and shifts to the side while continuously moving upward.

Seating Position

Finding a comfortable seating position is necessary if you want to drive safely. When driving a car, a driver must be able to adjust the seating position to endure at least 2-4 hours in the same position.

Arranging the proper seating position is beneficial in safeguarding different body parts from potential injuries. In addition, it helps anticipate fatigue even when driving for a relatively long time.

You can adjust the car’s seat to ensure your feet and hands are positioned correctly with the pedals and steering wheel. Thus, while driving, you can maintain and effectively control both functions. Remember to adjust the seatback position as well. Ensure your entire back is in contact with the seatback to prevent your body from becoming stiff or fatigued.

Mastering The Overtaking Skill

Although often regarded as irritating, overtaking other vehicles is allowed on the road, as long as it is done properly using the right techniques. To maintain safety, it is important to fully understand and master the overtaking skill to avoid disturbing and causing harm for other road users. Here are a few things you can try when overtaking a vehicle.

  • Check the road conditions through the side mirrors

  • Maintain a safe and ideal distance

  • Activate the turn signals

  • Use a lower gear

  • Control the steering wheel rotation smoothly

Those are some important tips about safety driving that can guide you always to prioritize safety while driving.

Safety in driving is every driver’s responsibility. Following the tips mentioned above can guarantee a safe journey and lower the risk of accidents. Always remember that safety is not only for your benefit but also for the safety of other road users.

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