Benefits to Expect When Negotiating Salary

Income is undeniably the main reason people work. In fact, it’s an all-too-familiar scene where employees are moving to other companies only for a higher salary than the one they’re working at.

Salary can actually be negotiated during a recruitment process. A company usually determines a reasonable salary based on a prospective employee’s qualifications and the regional minimum wage.

However, income is more comprehensive than salary. There are other benefits worthy of consideration when negotiating salarythat should help ensure your well-being.

8 Benefits to Expect When Negotiating Salary

Health Insurance

One of the benefits employees expect the most is health insurancecovering them and their family members so they can avoid spending a huge sum of money on health issues.

Several employers offer comprehensive health insurance in cooperation with insurance companies. If no insurance is offered, make sure that the employer joins the BPJS scheme.

Leave Rights

Consider how many days of annual leave you are entitled to. More days of leave means a higher chance for vacation and family time.

Employees usually have the right to 12 days of annual leave. Several companies even offer additional days of leave for employees who have worked for a specific period.

Well-Being Benefits

Well-being benefits may include gyms, canteens with healthy food, or mental health programs to enhance the employees’ quality of life. Companies offering such benefits reflect their concern for the employees.

Education and Training

Consider how companies allow you to continue learning and developing your professional skills. Financial support or specific time allocation to pursue higher education and training is a massive advantage to your career.

Flexible Time

Another benefit is remote work or flexible work time, allowing you to strike a work-life balance. If you need it, discuss it during your salary negotiation.

Bonuses and Incentives

In addition to base salary, bonuses and incentives are integral to compensation. They include annual bonuses, religious holiday allowance, or commissions based on your job and industry.

Transport Allowance

If you take a long commute to work, transport allowance, company car, or fuel allowance is immensely helpfulto cut your daily transportation expenses.

Career Development

Does the company offer career development, such as internal promotion and mentoring programs? They can help you plan your future in the company and improve your career.

When negotiating your salary, bear in mind that it is not the only compensation you deserve. Health insurance, leave rights, bonuses, and incentives are additional benefits you are entitled to.

Discuss them with your recruiter during the negotiation to seek a win-win solution.

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