How to Collect IBID Points by Playing IBID Darthit

What Are IBID Points?

Joining IBID auctions gives you many benefits. Alongside the seamless online auction experience, you have the chance to earn IBID Points.

You'll get IBID Points after each used car purchased at the auction. Your points will be accumulated for each auction purchase made with IBID within a year, from January to December. Another way to earn IBID Points is by playing IBID Darthit on the IBID app.

Each redeemable point equals one rupiah, and you can win amazing prizes based on the points you've saved. Also, the higher your membership tier is, the closer you get to winning the grand prize of the current IBID Points redeeming period.

Your membership level is determined by how many used car purchases you've finalized in a year. By completing more transactions, you're eligible to move up to the higher IBID membership level, but you could drop down a tier if you don't.

There are four membership tiers: Regular, Silver, Gold, and Premium. Regular members are those who haven't made any car purchases with IBID.

When you've successfully made 5 car purchases, you'll get upgraded to Silver and Gold after 25 car purchases. To get to Platinum, you need to make at least 100 car purchases.

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When you win an auction at IBID and successfully finalize the purchase, you'll receive 500 IBID Points. You can redeem the points in December each year, and they will get reset on January 1.

IBID Points accumulated for a year but not redeemed during that redeeming period will be void. You can redeem the points on the IBID app available on Android devices or the IBID website.

Play IBID Darthit and Earn IBID Points

Here are steps to earn IBID Points through IBID Darthit. First, you need an IBID Token to play this game. You can get it with a daily login on the IBID website or app.

IBID Token is also provided every time you buy an auction participant number (called NPL or nomor peserta lelang) to participate in an auction. With the token in hand, you can play IBID Darthit on the IBID app.

Just launch the IBID app, then tap the IBID Darthit floating icon on the homepage. When the game main menu opens, tap "Play." Throw your darts onto the presented wheel by tapping on your screen.

You're not allowed to throw a dart onto another landed dart. Throw all the darts before the time is up. The game features at least five levels to complete.

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When you win the game, you'll earn IBID Points that you can save for later and redeem for exciting rewards during the redeeming period.

About IBID Auction House

For those of you who don't know, IBID is a trustworthy auction house with an excellent reputation under its belt. IBID doesn't just auction used cars. At this Indonesia's largest auction house, you can find a wide collection of items to bid on, from gadgets and lifestyle products to heavy equipment.

Under the banner of PT Serasi Autoraya or SERA, the Astra Group's auction house gives you the convenience of offline and online auctions.

If you're looking to bid at an online auction, join an IBID live auction from its app, available to download from the Play Store and App Store. You can also join from its official website at