Embark on a Royalty-like Holiday Trip on TRAC's Hiace Premio Luxury Bus

The year-end is upon us, and many will yearn for those holiday moments to escape the boring routines. It's not surprising that many people count down the days to the holidays.

Psychologists strongly recommend holiday activities for their numerous benefits, especially for mental well-being. When on vacation, your mind tends to lose the tension, leading to increased productivity afterward.

However, there's a secret to fantastic holiday moments. One of the things that go into a delightful journey is the safety and comfort of the trip.

To that end, TRAC has you covered with the Hiace Premio, a Luxury Bus option from the company that gives you a getaway dripping in luxury.

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TRAC's Hiace Premio Luxury Bus' Indulging Features

This tour minibus is designed to pamper its eight passengers with extra comfort. The 2-3-3 seating configuration gives each passenger greater space to relax.

TRAC's Hiace Premio Luxury Bus offering has captain's chairs that include leg rests and automatic massage functions. Together, they melt away the fatigue from the trip and make your journey even more pleasant.

What's more, TRAC's Hiace Premio Luxury Bus is equipped with fun entertainment features. In addition to a smart TV and Wi-Fi, there's a USB port at every seat, so you can enjoy all the shows and play all the games without worrying about your gadget's battery.

A karaoke machine with microphones is in the bus, too! A partition between you and the driver lets you sing your heart out without distracting them. And it has a window that you can easily open and close.

With this Luxury Bus, TRAC prioritizes not only your comfort but also your safety. To begin with, TRAC gives you professional, experienced, and defensive driving training–certified driver. Its Luxury Bus also features a 360-degree dashcam to ensure the greatest level of safety during the trip.

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Renting a TRAC Tour Bus Is Easier and Safer 

With more than 37 years of experience, TRAC gives you excellent, dependable vehicle rental solutions, bolstered by a safe and digitally seamless rental process. Another perk is the 24/7 customer support, which guarantees extra convenience when you're enjoying the service.

So, if you're looking for a safe, delightful vacation filled with blissful moments, the Hiace Premio Luxury Bus from TRAC is the perfect choice. Enjoy a worry-free trip with the best from TRAC has to offer.

Get the TRACtoGo app today from the Play Store or App Store. All the convenience of renting a tour bus is in your hand. To learn more about TRAC’s other solutions, such as car rental and airport shuttle service, head to its website at