Do These before Buying a More Than 10-Year-Old Car

Before Buying a More Than 10-Year-Old Car, Don’t Be Tempted by a Low Price

For those who want to buy a cheap car, the choice is a used car, particularly a more than 10-year-old one. However, is a more than 10-year-old car still good for daily driving? Don’t be tempted by a low price. Read this. 

A more than 10-year-old car is still good for daily driving. Nonetheless, you should consider these before buying it. 

The first thing to know is the price of spare parts. The spare parts of cars which are not produced are expensive. In addition, you need to make sure that the car is still good for driving. If the car you buy is older than 10 years, it is hard to find its spare parts. In addition, its engine, transmission, bottom parts, and interior need repairing. 

Check the engine and make sure it is dry with no lubricant or liquid seepage in the engine and pit. If the engine is dry, repairing the car does not cost a lot.

Make sure there is no rough sound from the engine bay. The sound can be heard from a car that is older than 10 years, but poorly maintained. If there is abnormal engine vibration, you should replace its engine mounts.

Check the rear part to make sure there is no white smoke from the exhaust pipe. The white smoke indicates that the car is in poor condition and needs overhauling. Check the inner part of the tail pipe. Incomplete combustion is indicated if it is black and dry. If it is wet, the lubricating oil is probably burned.

Check the engine temperature from the cabin. Wait until the engine is warm and make sure that the temperature gauge does not exceed a 3/4 level or even reach the H indicator.

 If the engine is normal, check electrical functions and make sure that there is no problem with electrical components. Check if dashboard warning lights, such as the check engine light and airbag light, are on. Modern cars tend to have many electrical components, and repairing them is costly.

This is the last thing to consider before you buy a used car. A more than 10-year-old car usually has problems with its bottom parts and transmission. Therefore, a test drive is necessary to check the bottom parts.

The transmission can be checked by driving the car up a slope and trying slow acceleration. Pay attention to the noise made when the car turns.

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