Transportation and Logistics Stimulate the National Economic Growth

Transportation and Logistics are Key to Our Economy

Transportation and logistics play an important role in our life, particularly in the economy department. They are like arteries and blood in the human body. 

In fact, the growth of transportations and logistics or warehousing has a major impact on the economic growth of a country. This is true for Indonesia.  Based on the data from Statistics Indonesia (BPS), in the Q1 of 2022, transportation and warehousing saw 15.79% growth year-on-year (YoY) and Indonesia registered an economic growth of 5.01%.

In Q2, both sectors grew better, i.e. 21.27% YoY. In addition, the national economic growth reached 5.44% YoY. 

Supply Chain Indonesia (SCI) said that the high growth seen by the logistics sector was stimulated by the growth of commerce (5.71%), manufacturing industry (5.07%), and construction (4.83%). According to SCI, the growth of transportation and warehousing is stimulated by that of exports (16.22%) and imports (15.03%).

It shows that transportation and logistics or warehousing has a vital role in community consumption and business (commerce, manufacturing industry, and construction). Both of them are the driving forces behind the national economic growth.

Thus, businesspeople must keep them efficient and effective to support their activities. Effectiveness and efficiency are of importance in maximizing profits.

However, companies need help in managing transportation and warehousing or logistics to ensure their efficiency. Therefore, they need a transportation and logistics company.

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