Here's How to Prevent Work from Piling Up Toward the Year-End

Tips to Prevent Work from Piling Up at the Year-End

The year-end not only marks the end of the 12 months of the Gregorian calendar, but also urges companies to complete all the work that has been planned and carried out.

So, the volume of work to be completed by the employees is usually much larger during that time, resulting in increased workload and eventually increased stress levels among the employees.

It is common to see complaints related to the heavy burden due to the piled-up work. Even senior employees often complain about the psychological and physical exhaustion caused by the excessive workload.

This is understandable because they usually finish their work by working overtime, sacrificing time normally spent resting.

However, such exhaustion from handling an unusual amount of work is avoidable. If effective, getting the work done will still be fun.

The results of several studies by world-renowned academic institutions on maintaining psychological and physical health while carrying out excessive work have led to one conclusion. The key to success in getting through such a situation is to be organized and consistent in determining work steps and stay focused and relaxed.

Four steps to keep morale at workThere are at least four steps to take, as follows:

First, set work priorities. Decide which tasks are particularly urgent due to tight deadlines.

If all tasks have nearly the same due date but don't have to be completed that very day, identify functions that might impact other tasks. If it is difficult to apply that rule, prioritize the most difficult tasks.

Second, after making a priority list, try to focus on the process of doing the tasks. Don't get distracted by other things during the process.

In fact, it's a good idea to turn off phone notifications or even turn off your phone while working on the tasks. After one task is completed, stay focused to move on to the next one.

At this point, you can take a short break by doing a less time-consuming activity or maintaining your vigor to get the work done. You can unwind by walking around your room or looking at the view outside the office through the window.

You can also relax by doing light exercises on a chair by moving the joints of your shoulders, palms, ankles, and so on.

Don't forget to drink enough water, preferably warm water because it will keep you awake. Avoid drinks that can trigger stomach or other disorders.

Third, create a neat and comfortable working space because a comfortable environment will maintain your working mood. You can start creating a comfortable environment by setting up your desk. Make sure books, stationery, photos, and other items are neatly organized.

Make sure there are no items scattered around you, including trash cans or used glasses that are not immediately returned to their original place. Even though it seems trivial, the comfort of the workspace contributes to the vigor to finish the work. A cluttered room will quickly exhaust you and raise your stress level, leading to mental and even physical fatigue.

Your energy and enthusiasm to quickly get the work done will decrease. Eventually, the task misses the deadline and impacts the next task.

Fourth, sleep immediately after finishing work. Many people misunderstand relaxation after completing one task by spending time watching movies or other entertainment while other tasks are still waiting to be completed the next day.

Avoid such a habit even if it only takes an hour or two. If you've finished the day's work and office hours are over, go home and get some sleep. Sleep is the most effective way to restore fitness. Adequate sleep rests your motor and sensory nerves and your brains.

After sufficient rest, your nerves and brain will return to their prime, which in turn will restore your enthusiasm and mood to finish the rest of the work.

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