Enjoy the Comfort of Medium Luxury Bus

The Perfect Vehicle for Your Holiday with Family At the Beginning of the Year

If you did not have time to travel at the end of last year, traveling at the beginning of the year could be the right choice. Some reasons are smooth traffic flow, less crowded tourist attractions, and lower accommodation costs.

The holiday at the beginning of this year is an opportunity to take your family on vacation and visit previously planned destinations.

There are certainly several places that you and your family would love to visit. Unfortunately, these places are usually located outside of town, so you will have to travel a long way.

Therefore, instead of driving yourself, you should use a bus rental service to make your trip exhilarating and refreshing. Moreover, the moments of togetherness created during the trip will definitely make the vacation unforgettable.

If you choose to go on a vacation by bus, you can do many activities with your beloved family members, such as chatting, joking, or other fun activities like watching TV and karaoke. With all these things, the long trip will never be boring.

Aside from these enjoyable activities, the most important reason to rent a bus is for your convenience during the trip. You obviously do not want to spend too much energy driving all the way to the destination.

If you use bus rental service, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your safe and comfortable trip. It is even better if the bus you rent is a luxury one. Your trip will be so memorable!

You can enjoy these benefits by renting a Medium Luxury Bus from TRAC. Its luxurious facilities allow you and your family to experience unparalleled luxury during the trip.

TRAC’s Medium Luxury Bus has various excellent facilities to satisfy your needs. You do not have to worry about the price. While the name suggests a luxury bus, it is still reasonably priced.

Luxurious Facilities from TRAC’s Medium Luxury Bus

Comfortable Seat

TRAC’s Medium Luxury Bus consists of 12 cozy seats. The reclining seats also have footrests, so they are very comfortable.This seat will make you feel at ease no matter how long you have to sit.

If you get sleepy, you can lie down by reclining your seat and lifting the footrest. You can sleep soundly in this kind of seat.

Moreover, the seats also have an armrest, a USB charging port, and a cup holder.Thus, you can scroll through your gadgets casually while sipping your coffee without worrying about spillage. 

Smart TV & wifi

The next luxurious facilities are Smart TV and internet access. Invite your family to stream movies together. You can start by watching a movie that is available on streaming platforms.

Worry about the internet connection! Wireless internet access on the bus will give you a seamless streaming experience.

When the movie gets boring, you can start a singing session with your family. Besides streaming platforms, the smart TV has an extensive collection of songs that can be accessed online and offline.

Coffee Maker & Chiller in the Pantry

The bus also has a pantry. Therefore, you can go to the pantry to enjoy coffee during the trip. You can find a coffee maker to make your preferred coffee there.

Aside from the coffee maker, the pantry of Medium Luxury Bus is also equipped with a chiller.The chiller can be used to store various foods and drinks so that they stay fresh longer.

Bus Toilet

When traveling by bus, some people consider the toilet to be necessary. You probably do not want to bother yourself by stopping and looking for a toilet to answer the call of nature.

With TRAC’s Medium Luxury Bus, you only need to relax. The bus’ luxurious toilet will give you the highest level of convenience.

Traveling using TRAC’s Medium Luxury Bus can give you all those benefits.

TRAC is a car and bus rental company and a part of Astra Group that always puts the quality of its service first.

TRAC, established in 1986, is also renowned for setting a high bar for the drivers it provides with its rental cars.

Experienced and safe driving-qualified TRAC drivers have also been trained to provide the highest standard of ethical service for their customers.

Enjoy the luxury of the bus by booking it via TRACtoGo, which is available to download on Google Play StoreandApple App Store.

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