Buying a Used Car? Remember to Check Its Exhaust Pipe!

People often forget to check the exhaust pipe when buying a used car. The majority of buyers mostly focus on the car’s body, interior, and engine performance. The exhaust pipe is an important indicator of a quality used car,

as it serves as the exit of the gas resulting from engine combustion. Typically, normal cars emit thin white exhaust gas. This gas does not have a sharp smell and does not sting your eyes. On the contrary, cars of bad quality usually emit solid colored exhaust gas.

Thus, don’t forget to check the exhaust pipe when buying a used car so you don’t buy the wrong one. Below are the characteristics of good quality cars seen from their exhaust gas.

Below Are Characteristics of Poor Quality Cars Indicated by Their Exhaust Gas

Greyish Exhaust Gas

Pay attention to the exhaust gas emitted when you ignite the car. If the gas is grey, you can almost be sure that there is damage to the car.

If the car has automatic transmission, grey exhaust gas is caused by issues with its transmission oil. An issue may be the leaking transmission oil.

Another issue may be a damaged Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PVC) valve. Such damage causes the valve to get stuck, resulting in a nonoptimal circulation of vapor and gas inside the combustion chamber.

Solid White Exhaust Gas

Cars normally emit white gas. However, when buying a used car, solid white smoke signifies issues with the car. Such an exhaust gas shows the car has a severe combustion system problem.

This problem may be caused by factors such as oil leaking into the combustion chamber. If you buy the car, you need to be prepared for the costly repair.

Black Exhaust Gas

Like solid white exhaust gas, black exhaust gas also indicates problems with a car’s combustion system.

This is caused by issues with some of its components such as issues with the injector, air filter, and carburetor, as well as compression loss.

If you find such a condition, immediately tell the car seller. Ask the seller to fix the condition before it snowballs into a more severe problem.

Next, Check the Catalytic Converter

After observing the exhaust gas, you need to check the condition of the catalytic converter situated inside the exhaust pipe. This is one of the vital components of the exhaust system.

It filters the exhaust gas emitted by the combustion chamber, which causes excessive pollution. Thanks to its function, the residues from the exhaust system are less dirty and toxic.

Unfortunately, since this component contains Palladium that costs higher than precious metals, at times, some people sell it separately.

This is why when you are about to buy a car you must check and recheck its catalytic converter. Want to know how to check a catalytic converter?

Here Are Ways to Check Catalytic Converter

  • Tap the exhaust pipe. If it produces a loud sound, you can be certain it has no catalytic converter.

  • Check whether or not there are signs of welding. If you find any imperfect welds, the exhaust pipe has been disassembled and thus has no catalytic converter.

  • Take a look at the exhaust gas. Cars without catalytic converters emit solid white exhaust gas. This gas causes sore eyes.

  • For more valid results, do an emission test.

Those are several ways to check the condition of a used car’s exhaust system. If you want to buy a good quality used car, mobil88 is the solution.

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