Helpful Job Seeking Tips for Fresh Graduates

Getting a dream job is an almost everyone’s goal, especially for those who are about to graduate from college or university. The world of professionals has been something you’re anticipating, to apply what you’ve learned, and to earn money of your own.

But for those fresh graduates, the first job is not an easy ting to get. It is understandable, since some job positions in companies prefer those with experiences to the green ones.

But don’t feel discouraged. Yes, that can be quite challenging. And here are tips you can try to increase your opportunity to get your dream job faster.

10 Helpful Job Seeking Tips for Fresh Graduates

Make an Interesting CV and Portfolio

Make sure your CV and portfolio are well-designed, highlighting on the major you took, job experiences, and relevant skills. Don’t forget to make a list of your academic and non-academic achievements.

Networks and Interactions

Build up the networks with your alumni community and with your peers and professors also. Joining events or seminars that are relevant to your field of expertise will also be helpful for you to widen your networks and get new insights.

Skills Improvement

Becoming a fresh graduate means that you have plenty of opportunities to improve your skills. Take some additional courses, join some workshops, or get some certificates that relevant to your field of expertise. Any of these efforts will show that you are a person who always keep learning and improving yourself.

On-The-Job Training and Internship

Take an opportunity to join on-the-job training program or internship program in your dream company. This will give you a chance to learn better about the industry and create a precious job experience.

Be Well-Prepared for The Interview

Practicing for the interview is your key of success. Prepare the answers for the general and specific questions you may get from the company you’re applying to. And don’t forget to prepare yourself with a proper outfit to anticipate the job interview.

Widen Your Job Searching Scale

Don’t rely on one or two targeted companies you’d like to apply. Look for job opportunities in various fields that still relevant to your interest and expertise.

Use the Job Searching Platforms

Use some platforms like LinkedIn, JobStreet, or to search your dream job vacancies. Don’t forget to update your profile regularly and send a complete job application.

Improve Your Communication Skill

A good communication skill is very important in the professional world. Learn how to communicate effectively, both in spoken and written, and also be an active participant in any discussion.

Keep Motivated and Stay Positive

Applying for jobs is not always easy and you might experience some rejections. Keep motivated and stay positive. Remember, every rejection you get is an opportunity to learn and grow better.

Understand the Industry and the Job Market Well

Do some research about the industry and job market you are interested in. Be informed on the latest trends and on the requirements and the qualifications the companies’ recruiters might look for.

By applying these tips, you could increase your opportunity to get your dream job faster. Stay consistent and believe in yourself. Hopefully you’ll get your dream job in no time!

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